Murray on Gauss kayinni negative game at least he is honest to admit mistakes nvidia geforce gt 740m

Murray on Gauss kayinni negative game: at least he is honest to admit a mistake Murray and J Jerzy Goss sina on November 15th news sports news Beijing new world first Murray at this year’s ATP finals debut in 6-3 6-2 swept SIRIC, easily get a good start. When he was asked about J Jerzy Goss’s recent troubles, the British said at least Nick was honest and that he had admitted the mistake. Last month, J Jerzy Goss was sentenced to eight weeks for ATP and an additional fine of $25000 for the Shanghai masters negative competition. J Jerzy Goss issued an apology after the statement, but also agreed to accept the guidance of sports psychology experts provided by ATP. So his suspension period will be shortened to three weeks, the ban ended in November 7th next year, he will return to the game in the Hopman cup. As a member of the Council, Murray said, "I think it is difficult to deal with, because we have talked a lot about Nick in Shanghai, it is obviously not good. He also admitted that, in a way that is a good thing because many people did not do their best, they also did not say what to defend himself, that they were not in such a bad situation. There are a lot of such games throughout the year, especially in doubles, when singles lose singles, they go out and play. But it’s hard to monitor, I really don’t know how to do it." The Swiss tennis star, French four Rossett is said, "if ATP want to do what must make him unable to participate in the Australian Open, the only way to make him aware of the seriousness of the problem. He already has everything he wants: money, fame, and sponsors, all of which are behind him. Why should he change?" (double)相关的主题文章: