Mid Autumn Festival special inventory 15 version of the screen chang e PK who is the most immortal freelander2

Mid Autumn Festival special inventory: 15 version of the screen chang e PK who is the most immortal? Text Sina column boiled a love letter is a year to mid autumn festival! The Mid Autumn Festival, in addition to perfect conjugal bliss, and family reunion together to eat moon cake, moon, of course, to listen to the moon myth story. Because of her husband Hou Yi to obtain the premises from the queen mother of the west medicine and changebenyue immortal lived on the moon, the Moon Palace, lived in "bihaiqingtian heart every night" the high cold and miserable life. As Yong Chuan folk myths, "Chang" is frequently on television entertainment, many actresses have played in the TV drama "a corner of Chang E, today a love letter to come to check the 15 edition of" change ", the screen to see who the most classic costume? 1 Qiu Chang Penin version of film and television works: 86 version of "journey to the west"             Qiu Peining played numerous versions of the most classic is the moon, although the makeup and clothes are slag, but wins in Qiu Peining good temperament, just like otherworldly fairy incarnation.   2 edition of Fann Wong Chang films: "flying to the moon"               the Fann Wong version of the white snow, but a bed spotlessly clean, love I think its elegant is high but lack of cold.   3 edition of Chen Hong Chang films: "brilliant spring pig"             a love letter was originally thought to play Helen of Troy Carman Lee costume is the first beauty, can see Chen Hong as the moon, Carman Lee only ranked second, in four she features in the drama, the goddess of the moon look, look: the most incisive classical styling and elegant temperament, melancholy, mysterious interpretation.   4 edition of Liu Tao Chang films: "Qishan" Fengming Fengshenbang               although only a guest, but Liu Tao tender look impressive, if the Liu Tao field acting to interpret the moon, believe will be more color.   5 edition of Ma Su Chang films: "brilliant spring of joy" marshal               Ma Su version of the moon both acting, costume does not lose other versions, but lost a lot of hair, looks very easy to play.   6 edition of Yan Danchen Chang films: "Lotus Lantern"               delicate facial features, elegant temperament, the actor and the character is very fit, so read the "Lotus Lantern", I only remember playing Yan Danchen Chang E. &nb)相关的主题文章: