Maintenance is not as good as new! Your water heater ” temper &quot tsumori chisato

Maintenance is not as good as new! Your water heater " temper "? Buddies do not have such a sigh, no corrosion to God from the autumn wind howling, just listen to mom said to wear long johns, mushrooms cool quietly to! When winter comes, means that the relevant matters on the agenda to keep warm, modern home life, the water heater is an integral part of our home appliance products, water heating, bathing and heating are not far from it, but sometimes the water heater "Naoqi temper", one thing is really a headache, just a few days ago the water heater, colleagues in the home, do not know what reason, unable to start heating, out of a home appliance as a professional sensitivity of editing, the author decided to go along with it, to explore the reason! Repair is not as good as new! Your water heater " temper "? It is understood that my colleagues in the home of this water heater for the gas water heater, hot water output of 13L, the service life of more than 4 years! After the discovery of the problem, the author colleagues call the customer service brand water heater repair, and maintenance of the master site for product maintenance, but the final result is not ideal, the master that the water heater carbon and scale etc. the problem is too serious, it needs to replace the water tank, as has been guaranteed, need parts. Fee and maintenance fee is 900 yuan, then according to the business platform on the same type of product prices, roughly 1000 yuan, this is embarrassed, actually better than new maintenance! Think over and over again, colleagues finally chose to replace a new water heater… Maintenance and replacement price almost, how do you choose? Want to know why the water heater can not start, there is a need to look at how the water heater works, that is how the water heater to heat the cold water! Using gas water heater as an example, this from below the working principle of gas water heater can be seen in the picture, the cold heat is equivalent to a pipe filled with water on the fire, water will heat, gas water heater combustion temperature is above 900 degrees high temperature, like this. The heat is not what difficult thing cold moment. The working principle of gas water heater water diagram enter the water heater through the water gas linkage valve body under certain pressure difference effect of flowing water, promote water gas linkage valve, and push the micro switch power will be connected and start pulse controller, the electromagnetic valve will open the gas ventilation, gas water heater ignition burner; the burner is ignited, the flame detection by detecting element give the signal to the pulse flame flame controller, by maintaining the current electromagnetic valve open, maintain normal combustion burner. If the ignition pulse ignition failure, because there is no test to maintain the current signal of the flame, unable to maintain normal open solenoid valve, the electromagnetic valve is closed, cut off the gas supply, which is the working principle of gas water heater! The actual installation diagram of the gas water heater to say that the electric water heater, which is through the thermostat and the completion of the heating and non heating, the general concept of heat preservation, is a short time heating. When heated, still use the rated power of the water heater. After the circuit is turned on, if the water temperature is lower than 50 DEG C (most of the critical temperature set by the brand).相关的主题文章: