Liuyang West Lake 300 acres of lotus Tree Hill outbreak pests yellow (video) yuanmu

Liuyang West Lake 300 acres of lotus Tree Hill outbreak pests "and" original title: Liuyang West Lake 300 acres of lotus Tree Hill outbreak pests "yellow" in September 17th, due to the outbreak of pests, West Lake Alexander on tablets bearing trees were eaten pests become a yellow leaves. Reporter Zhang Di is currently being closely monitored, or the late application of UAV spraying during the Mid Autumn Festival, Liuyang citizens Lo with his family came to West Lake hill. But when he went up the hill, he heard the sound of rustling from time to time, like the sound of insects eating leaves, and the sound of sand falling from the sky to the leaves. He after careful observation, found that there are a lot of trees from the forest pests, he hastened to call the newspaper news hotline 83830000 to reflect this. Watch the scene hornworm outbreak, lotus tree "injured" serious September 17th afternoon, the reporter went to the West Lake mountain, Yan Chong from the foot to the top of the hill to go. The mountain is less than 2 minutes, I found a road full of leaves, and from time to time the leaves fall from the trees. Although there has already been a dew, trees leaf out is normal, but the road is Ye Ziquan green, almost every leaf is not complete, there are traces of eating insects. "It’s been going on for almost a week." Climbing the public to find Mr. Wang told reporters that he lived in West Lake mountain area, almost every day in the mountains to go around. He explained that the tree leaves the situation is in the Mid Autumn Festival two days before the start of the Mid Autumn Festival, the situation is even more serious, if the wind, the leaves fall like rain. "Maybe it’s a pest." Mr. Wang is not sure that he lived in the mountains of West Lake for more than 20 years, has never encountered trees fall leaves so serious. He said there are often some green bugs found some time ago on the tree, he did not care, now in retrospect, probably by eating bugs. Reporters along the road all the way to the top, every can see the large green leaves scattered on the ground. After understanding, off the leaves of the tree are the same kind of trees, called lotus tree. Lotus tree, Theaceae, Schima, common tree species in subtropical zone. Almost halfway up the mountain, the reporter found a green bug in a pile of leaves, hypertrophy, cylindrical, smooth appearance, multi head particles, the tail of small angle. Insects are lying on a piece of green leaves, eating slowly, from time to time also issued a small voice. Reporters then larvae pictures to the forestry bureau of forestry pest control and quarantine staff, the staff, the bug is a named "Sphinx" larvae, love to eat lotus tree leaves, the harm of other species is relatively small. The plague affected a plethora of views, three hills with "yellow" reporter Chu Venta 8, far sighted, located in a tower just north of hill, half of the forest into a "yellow" color, reporters rough estimate, there are nearly 200 acres. The tower in the northwest, the reporter also found a hill with a large area of trees "and" serious, almost all the leaves fall into the trees, a tree tree "". Reporters at the tower in a circle, found three hills is located in the North Tower, northwest and southwest have a large area of trees "and" situation. The workers, in the last week, they received a reflection of the park cleaning staff!相关的主题文章: