Large shareholder pressure salesforce do not buy twitter jiuyaogan

Salesforce: don’t put pressure on the transfer of large shareholders to buy Twitter Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff of Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 8th morning news, recent news that Salesforce plans to acquire Twitter. However, according to the New York Times reported that from two weeks ago, investors have put pressure on the Marc CEO Mark Benioff (Salesforce) on the deal. In September 23rd, after the acquisition of Salesforce Twitter news exposure, as the company’s shareholders of Wall Street hedge funds and public funds began to question the reasonableness of the transaction. Obviously, shareholders do not like the deal. Investors have expressed their dissatisfaction with Benioff. In e-mail and other forms of communication, shareholders of Benioff and Salesforce’s public relations team said they do not support the acquisition of Twitter. This action led by the public fund giant fidelity. Fidelity is the Salesforce’s largest shareholder, the shareholding ratio of 14%. The sources said that at least a fidelity fund manager sent a letter to Salesforce said the deal is not a good idea. Salesforce’s other investors, including some hedge funds, said it would sell Salesforce shares. Benioff held an investor meeting in San Francisco on Wednesday. He reassured investors and defended the company for any possible deal. He said: "I read all of your comments, you may already know. I also read your mail and get all the information. This is the first important thing in my heart. In some cases, we are very surprised that we need to start again." (Zhang Fan)相关的主题文章: