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Laolai fraudulent use of identity by the police found the boarding a problem before 9 pm, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport security, security team suddenly stopped. Security officer asked the front passenger Yao: "is this identity card yours?"" Mr. Yao said firmly, "of course it is me.". But the security inspectors don’t think it’s right. The photos on the ID card are a little different from Mr. Yao himself. So he took Mr. Yao to the police station. Police found that Yao’s identity card on the census register is Zhejiang, Anji, coincidentally, the police are also Anji people. So the police asked him in the Anji Dialect: "where is your home in Anji?"" Mr. Yao to hold a large red face, say anything. In the end, Yao admitted that his ID card was borrowed. Mr. Yao is actually surnamed Wen, Zhejiang Huzhou people. After verification, Wen himself is a businessman, because of economic disputes by the court as a co – control object. Wen knew he was prosecuted, may be limited everywhere, so borrowed Id want to flee. After the fraudulent use of identity failure, Wen said to the police: "I’d better go back and get the money back."." At present, Wen has been handed over to Deqing court for disposal.

老赖冒用身份证登机 结果被民警一个问题识破前天晚上9点左右,杭州萧山国际机场安检口,安检的队伍突然停了下来。安检工作人员问眼前的旅客姚先生:“这身份证是你本人的吗?”姚先生很坚定地说这当然是本人。可是安检人员怎么看都觉得不对。身份证上的照片跟姚先生本人差别实在有点大。于是把姚先生带到了派出所。民警发现姚先生的身份证上户籍是浙江安吉,恰巧民警也是安吉人。于是民警用安吉话问他:“你家是安吉哪里的?”姚先生憋了一张大红脸,半天说不出话。最终姚先生承认身份证是借来的。姚先生其实姓文,浙江湖州人。经核查,文某本身是一名商人,因经济纠纷被法院定为协控对象。文某知道自己被起诉,可能会处处受限,所以借来身份证想出逃。冒用身份失败后,文某对民警说:“我还是赶紧回去把钱还掉吧。”目前,文某已移交德清法院处置。相关的主题文章: