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Four "Kung Fu Man" many adorable mouse tribe Prince hip-hop "incarnation of Jin Mao Shu" — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn lovely mouse image has been the darling of the animated film, created by Hefei animation comic animation film to oak four "Kung Fu Man" is the effort to build a soft adorable cute mouse image. Soft yellow skin, glittering and translucent eyes enough to sprout a ticket audience. It is reported that Kung Fu four will be officially released in Mid Autumn Festival on September 15th, to send a special gift to the children mid autumn festival. The young hip-hop unruly youth pants personality interpretation of "the guy’s really bad" mountain man pants in four brothers are funny play, to bring you a lot of fun to change unpredictably adventure, let the journey full of laughter threatened by growing crises also bring many unexpected situation. Bragging notes will shrink gas play, pants personality is very rich, has been full of cunning and justice "mouse" my brother. According to the "four man" Kung Fu film side "pants image comes from the China classical novel" San Xia five righteousness "" Five "image, very well versed in martial arts arena of moral. While increasing the kids love "Meng Da style." Pants like a wild boy, a strong personality, have a strong sense of self love, "" to deal with the challenge of the unknown, funny style with a cocky look completely "that boy really bad". But there are still unruly teenagers courage, after Ukraine Elvis Presley melanization, a change in the past poker-faced hip-hop style, like countless ring powder. Adorable adorable with soft hard four man uncharted staged "wet temptation" as an adorable cartoon film, "Kung Fu four man" not langdexuming. Adorable adorable soft hard head attack played a combination of boxing, "Meng Da pants feet warm cunning, male temperament, the two brothers from the inside out exudes a lovely character, soft adorable image hide. Old white, dark and sedate Kai Kai proud decent can be inadvertently revealed adorable character, enough to warm the hearts of the people, hard adorable instant trait. Four "Kung Fu Man" tells the story of four brothers from the blessed place after many dangerous waters reach the mysterious story, beautiful underwater picture completely subvert the four brothers world view, from the land, the sky to reach the ocean of four staged a lovely "wet" temptation ", even the beautiful mermaid princess is deeply attracted. Adorable but full sense of not just the four brothers, naughty and lovely Luan Jingjing, overbearing good foot princess, noble and beautiful mermaid princess comes with adorable attributes, kids will be completely adorable. Animated film Kung Fu four by Li Jinbao as producer, well-known animation director, Sun Youshu, CO directed by the director of the. Fusion of fantasy, martial arts, comedy, adventure and other elements, will be officially released in September 15th. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: