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Japan: Chinese art collector Sakamoto Goro Sakamoto Goro sincerely admire the early Bronze owl teapot first Japanese antiques dealer and collector Sakamoto Goro (1923-2016) of China art respectful humility, heartfelt admiration. He’s China many art is fine, he founded the "us" is one of the antique exchanges will be the most influential in Japan today. Sakamoto Goro died in August 15, 2016, took his collection of Art Century legend and target profit on a. In Japanese, "eye", is a good learning discernment of true wisdom, rather than a simple eye. Sakamoto Goro after seventy years of thinking, ancient art, reach "benefit" of the industry environment. The famous Japanese Antiques business through apprenticeship training and mostly, but Sakamoto’s is self-taught. He completed 6 years of primary school, enter a Yokohama fish wholesale shop as an apprentice. He is the first to buy antiques, spend a year salary to buy a sword in the shop window, finally found that this is a fake. Sakamoto’s insistence on Baizhebuyi firmly believe that as long as the chance will come. He began to travel through the antique market, looking for valuable collections, where he bought and sold. At the age of 24, he opened an antique shop in Tokyo, because of love Chinese which "peaches and plums, xiazichengqi", the shop named "not us". His business at the beginning of the road, and the sale of private collectors is an small, but soon aware that this is one of the most serious mistakes in life, the road to success is to contact the dealer sales good, only the drilling and tapping of ancient art can be listed among the antique yingjie. Song embroidered Paisley black glaze iron pot dealer for most Japanese China bronze stop, at first, Sakamoto Goro know about bronze also stop at the copper and iron on. But to him, "if it did not fear the risk, in the world to win". He by the Japanese scholar Mizuno Shinichi, Higuchi long Kang teacher, self-discipline to eye, uphold the principle of "failure is the mother of success" for the purpose, to end the sharp eye insight won the "dangerous game", become the most important one of Japan’s bronze collector. Sakamoto’s collection of bronze owl teapot first is a typical example. This collection is the first owl kettle shaped, with elegant tattoos on corrugated. Its particularity lies in the combination of animal modeling and practical objects. In the Qing Dynasty in the "two collector Wu Yun Xuan Yi emoticons" in the jar "shapes of this evaluation is rare in odd, Yi zhen". In early 50s, Sakamoto’s painstaking research Chinese porcelain, after buying a fake, tasted defeat, wrong judgment market leads to high buy low sell taste, finally got the "Essentials of target profit". Eye to see, buy antique kilns is the successful start unto the type. The Song Dynasty porcelain craft elegant end show, is regarded as the perfect porcelain treasure. Cao Zhaozhuan in the Ming Dynasty, "getting it": "ancient Dingqi, soil veins thin, white and moist are expensive, with tears is true, scratching the best……" The Song Dynasty porcelain by the Japanese cultural circle admire. Ding porcelain, Sakamoto’s Northern Song Ding Yao model program takes eight edges for porcelain bowl technical Jueyi of Jiang zhen. This bowl is plump and dignified, is eight disc at相关的主题文章: