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Japan and South Korea to initial intelligence sharing agreement: Korea’s expert – Sohu news people.com.cn November 16 Beijing Xinhua (Qiu Yue) 14, South Korean and Japanese governments initialed the "military intelligence protection agreement". If the agreement was formally signed, it would be the first military cooperation agreement signed between the two countries since the end of the second world war. Military expert Zhang Junshe in an interview with people.com.cn said that if the agreement signed between Japan and South Korea will bypass us direct intelligence sharing, this is great news for Japan, but for South Korea, it is like drinking poison. The agreement may undermine the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula, the entire Northeast Asia peace and stability will also adversely affect. Japan and South Korea will bypass the U.S. intelligence sharing according to South Korea, "Central Daily News" 15 reported that South Korea hopes to use the Japanese reconnaissance satellite and radar equipment to get cutting-edge intelligence; and for Japan, South Korea can use traditional artificial intelligence gathering. At present, South Korea and the United States, between Japan and the United States respectively concluded a "military intelligence protection agreement", but South Korea and Japan to exchange military intelligence through the "transfer station" between the two sides, there is no "direct". Zhang Junshe pointed out that Japan has advanced military technology, with its advanced reconnaissance satellite and radar and other advanced equipment for the North Korea nuclear test and missile launch information, while South Korea with geographical advantages, can be obtained by more agents, agents such as the first artificial intelligence. Japan and South Korea signed a military intelligence protection agreement, the two sides will be able to bypass the United States to exchange military information directly. The United States strongly contributed to South Korea Japan military cooperation on domestic pressure media reports that the military cooperation is the sensitive category in Korea and Japan cooperation in hand due to Japan from 1910 to 1945 carry out the history of colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula, on the other hand due to the territorial dispute the two sides now. In the case of historical and territorial issues have not been resolved, the South Korean government to promote the signing of military intelligence agreement has been facing many obstacles. June 29, 2012, the South Korean government signed the agreement on the same day, even the day of emergency stop". The Japan and South Korea "rushed" signed the "military intelligence protection agreement", from South Korea announced the resumption of the negotiations to sign agreements with only ten days. Allegedly, the two sides will also strive to complete the domestic formalities, at the end of November before the signing of a formal agreement. Why can not be an agreement for many years now in just a few days to be settled? Behind the intriguing reason. According to Zhang Junshe, since the end of World War II, Japan has never been in the World War II in the Northeast Asian countries committed to the crime of deep reflection. Although the United States, Japan has been trying to promote Japan and South Korea signed a military intelligence protection agreement, and the South Korean opposition has been very strong. The South Korean people for fear of Japanese Militarism on the Korean peninsula again a stirring among the dry bones. The South Korea "rushed" signed the "military intelligence protection agreement", for many reasons. From South Korea, the current government in the "bestie park gate" the event is difficult to extricate themselves, south facing a serious political crisis. South Korea and Japan signed a military cooperation at this time, can be transferred to the domestic相关的主题文章: