It’s time for us to pay attention to the tribe of interest noreply

We are concerned about the next interest tribe – the Sohu of science and technology paper | Yang Junjun in 2014, has been regarded as the young people gathered most of the local QQ launched a new edition of "interest tribe", this is the community product QQ following the QQ group after another focus of force type. When QQ launched interested tribes in the background there are two, one is in the wave of mobile Internet, mobile Internet community there is a relatively large gap in the market based on the QQ needs to have a product to position in the pan social field; the other is on the rise of WeChat, focusing on brand strategy under QQ young, need to have a place to keep young people, and the bearing and extend this young culture. Because itself is derived from the QQ, which at the beginning of operation, the first to develop tribes were to star, games, self oriented: in the star, by 2015, fans of TFBOYS is 14 million 830 thousand, can catch up with a country. The second is a serious distortion of the yen value let the age of Li Yifeng, his fans reached 12 million 350 thousand, in addition to spend thousands of bones "and" yellow lady "Zhao Liying Angelababy is also popular, their fans were 10 million 130 thousand and 9 million 160 thousand. The concern is that now the fire SNG48, in early 2015 when he was with the interest of five students enrolled tribal cooperation, when the data is, in many channels in the SNH48 tribal interests become is the largest enrollment entrance, total contribution of 70 thousand applicants, the total enrollment of about 110 thousand, higher than the overall half of the registration. The reason why interest in the tribe to become a meeting place following Post Bar after another star fans, behind this is the background: like the eyes of many 80 in the eyes of Jiang Dawei, 00, Jay Chou and Jiang Dawei are almost similar, like TFBOYS, Li Yifeng and other "four animal", although the rise speed is very fast, but a lot of it is not accepted by mainstream culture, which makes their fans need a new place, a new and different "Li Yi" and "World of Warcraft". At the same time, due to the rapid development of mobile phones in the QQ post is also very consistent with the habits of young users. At the game level, by the days of the United States and the studio out of cool running every day to occupy the first interest in tribal QQ popular first, in 2015, every day, cool running tribe has more than 49 million 920 thousand people. Since then QQ has held QGC gaming, many great God cool running every day are active in the interest of the tribe, and even a lot of people are relying on tribal interests were "commercial", because of interest in the tribe reward function, makes a lot of great post you can get a lot of praise in the interest of the tribe. After the race in the cool run every day, the whole tribe of interest in the popularity of second, which has a population of 16 million 770 thousand. Self timer as a new culture with the rise of smart phones, for most young people, it is like grasping a pen, like chopsticks, is an indispensable skill. The most typical is that, in 5 years ago, perhaps in the introduction of a person, will never take pictures of people mentioned, and now will have been photographed"相关的主题文章: