Industry giants are now ten years to master unity over financial Sohu mmhouse

Industry giants " and " master unified; ten years; now all over – Sohu finance " Master of the situation is similar to the warm boiled frog, jump out of the old way to solve the problem, the main business has not formed a representative product, and the increasing effect of advertising and brand building way of publicity for the new " is more obvious;. In September 5th, Tingyi has been removed from the Hang Seng index. Since the end of 2011, the total market value of the selected date, Kangshifu has fallen nearly HK $100 billion. Recently, the food and beverage industry in 2016 report have been released, the industry giant master and unified life is not easy. The evening of August 29th, first half results released by the master, the first half the company achieved a total revenue of 4 billion 191 million dollars (about 27 billion 990 million yuan), down 13.94%; net profit of $91 million 590 thousand (about 612 million yuan), down 66.49%; gross margin fell 1.25% to 31.64%. In addition to the revenue and net profit both fell, Kangshifu second quarter net profit fell by nearly 90%. Old rivals unified operating income of 11 billion 713 million yuan in the first half of $8.2%, down by 2.4%, and the beverage sector operating income of $7 billion 450 million, down. In the last half year under the new highlight made distinctions won in battle will also show weakness in unity. Since the last century in 90s to enter the mainland market, master and unified the enemy fight from Taiwan has more than ten years. Because in the process of development of product homogeneity, Kangshifu and unity confrontation, in the food and beverage arena around the two storm again and again. However, in recent years, the downward pressure on the industry, both sides have their own efforts to find a breakthrough point, but has not been able to break in one fell swoop. The former master of the aura has faded, old rivals have uniform performance, this arena who call the shots but also the performance of talk. " although the performance of the master and unified is not ideal, but the master fell more significantly, but affected by the environment, temporarily also no new brand to catch up with the two, but who can grasp the needs of consumers, who will be able to stand firm in the future. " food and beverage strategic positioning expert Xu Xiongjun said. Instant noodles: Master is just beyond the unified regional supermarket in instant noodles, homogenization and competition for the master and unified products at a glance, in addition to the main commodity master braised beef noodles and uniform old sauerkraut noodles, a variety of product price positioning, even the packaging are very similar. Compared to the downturn and recession in 2015 instant noodles industry, the overall market began to recover in the first half of 2016, sales grew by 1.9% over last year. The master and not through the instant noodles of Dongfeng, its first half revenue year-on-year decline of 13.95%, net profit fell 60.3%. In contrast, unified instant noodles sales in the first half of 40;相关的主题文章: