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[in] a good rental Macquarie University five traps – Sydney tourism Sohu is located in the southeast coast of Australia, is Australia’s largest city and the capital of the state of New South Wales, Australia’s economic, financial, shipping and tourism center, the world famous international metropolis. Here is not only the iconic building of the world, is richly endowed by nature and pleasant climate, beautiful scenery of Sydney harbor, more abundant education resources. Macquarie University (Macquarie, MQ) was founded in 1967, is Australias most prestigious teaching university in. Located in the center of the northwest of Sydney, covers an area of 135 acres, built in the school has a sculpture park, golf practice ground, the two hotels and many historical, scientific and cultural museum. The floor around the green, there is a large park, good sports facilities and student apartments. Near Australia’s largest technology park and a large shopping and entertainment center. Convenient transportation, a number of bus lines through the University and Sydney city. Do not know whether the small partners have rented a room in the beautiful Sydney? Wait a minute, after all, out of a person, those who rent small trap, everyone made?? Today ~ by the small home (a good home Uhouzz) to talk to everyone at the Macquarie University (Macquarie University, referred to as MQ) five trap rent, please open your eyes Oh ~ ~ to avoid both a trap: the encounter black landlord or intermediary buddies do not always think foreign people are good, in the face of simple kindness to study foreign students, many foreigners also had crooked brains. Although Australia overall security is very good, but the small home (a good home Uhouzz) before they met buddy come Tucao, met the black heart of the housing intermediary in Sydney, because the Australian side through an intermediary to rent expressly maintenance house house are intermediary to do. The most common is not black heart intermediary credit, never shirking responsibility, to repair things is to drag on the trailer, when money is a way of more money. So the small home (a good ranking Uhouzz) urged must not covet a moment to find an intermediary not cheap and reliable, is really no end of trouble for the future! You must keep your eyes open! Trap two: deposit referred to the money, you have to listen to the ears! Xiao Ju (a good ranking Uhouzz) before we reached a proposal in the rental agreement, to the best of the local rental housing agency service and support website to get advice, to understand as the interests of the tenants, such as whether the landlord can increase the rent, require the tenant to move out in advance how long notice etc.. When the lease contract is due to return a house, sometimes the landlord will make up the house facilities and other reasons refused to refund the deposit. In order to avoid future disputes, we must be in front of the house to rent a large photo collection as a file! Trap three: integrity problems (a small home in good buddies in Uhouzz) that decided to move in, about the contract, list, and a series of important documents, must)相关的主题文章: