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"I support a move for peace in Beijing" advice solicitation start – Sohu news for the further implementation of the municipal government on maintaining the security and stability of the capital and the safe construction of the deployment requirements, and actively listen to public opinion, ask for the people, asked for the people, to the masses demand to further promote the construction of peace in Beijing, as the 2016 "Beijing ping an important theme Awareness Month activities in 2016," I support a move for peace in Beijing "proposal solicitation activities officially launched in November 5th. Media website micro-blog WeChat multiple channels simultaneously open the theme of the event to build peace Beijing Beijing peace sharing, a total of one and a half months, will end in mid December. For the convenience of the general public to submit opinions and suggestions, the event using the website, micro-blog, WeChat and other media to open up a number of channels to participate in. The public can visit the capital of political management of social security network, network, network, new North night vision sohu.com police law channel Legal Evening News in 2016, "I support a move for peace in Beijing" campaign theme page, submit comments or suggestions online. In addition, like micro-blog WeChat people friends can also through the Beijing political "micro-blog, WeChat, micro-blog, WeChat," safe Beijing "from the media platform to participate in action. Focus on the five kind of peace topic Qunfangqunzhi suggestions the activities focus on five safe construction work to solicit opinions and suggestions, respectively: one is based on work, employment, living, life, daily travel, etc., affect security problems and preventive measures of public security; two is the impact on the safe community (Village) and suggestions for the construction of prominent security measures; around three, burglary theft burglary, theft of motor vehicles and other case prevention measures; four is around how to prevent telecommunications fraud network countermeasure; five is around the maintenance of social order suggestions of capital good; in addition, can also be around other peace Beijing construction measures and suggestions. Weapon of peace Beijing Construction Award suggestions to encourage participation to ensure that the opinions and suggestions of the public activities, a proposal having substance in speech, words should be no less than 30 words, the number is not restricted. The issues involved in the proposal should be clearly expressed, the views should be appropriate, it is recommended to have a strong operability. Suggestions must provide a simple identity information, to facilitate contact, receive the prize. Suggestions to encourage people to actively offer advice, the event set "Participation Award" and "lucky prize". As long as the views and Suggestions Submitted by the public to meet the requirements, you can get the Participation Award; lucky prize every two weeks to extract 1 times, a total of 1500, randomly generated. In addition, there are indeed feasible opinions and Suggestions Submitted to the relevant departments, after the review, the recommendations given to the material rewards. The winners will be regularly in the Legal Evening News, the capital of political management of social security network, Beijing politics and law such as WeChat announced micro-blog platform.相关的主题文章: