Hubei police busted a large telecommunications network fraud Gang arrested 132 people in Beijing wetnwild

Hubei police busted a large telecommunications network fraud Gang arrested 132 people – Beijing police custody involved. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Wuhan, September 22, (Ma Furong Peng Dong) Hubei provincial public security department 22 days to report, the provincial police destroyed a large network of telecommunications fraud gangs, destroyed 3 dens of crime, and arrested 132 people involved. After preliminary examination, has detained 53 people. At the end of May this year, Hubei Jingzhou people 52 years old Dengmou police said: he was fried spot oil fraud nearly one million yuan (RMB, same below). Deng introduced in February of this year, he joined a QQ group under the recommendation of a friend. The group claimed Tang recommended daily stock in the group. In the meantime, Tang also continue to send him to fry the profits of crude oil screenshot. In Tang’s lure, he registered in an exchange of crude oil spot trading platform account, although there are losses, but the amount is not. Deng recalls, in mid May, Tang claimed that there will be a big market arrival, let him join the Pareto clan, but need to inject 1 million yuan account. He did after trading in Tang guidance, but suffered a major loss of 1 million yuan, There is not much left. Feeling cheated, Dengmou alarm. Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau set up the working class. Responsible for the investigation of the case of Jingzhou Honghu City Public Security Bureau Fan Liping introduction, the police investigation found that Tang et al activities in the area of Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, Huangpu District, there are a lot of people use the Internet to spot operation with 3 companies in the Tang association. Police initially judged the 3 companies are likely to be engaged in spot trading fraud. Through the search for capital flows, the police further confirmed the speculation. After more than two months of investigation, the task force to identify the basic structure of the gang fraud, fraud and capital flows. September 12th, Hubei, more than 200 police took the bus rushed to Guangdong Province, 6. In coordination with local police, has put the Tang, Hou, Lee and other 132 people arrested, seized 7 vehicles, 220 sets of computer evidence, data of 30 box (bag). The case is still under investigation. The telecommunications network fraud is a target for all. Hubei public security corps captain Fu Yi introduced since November last year, the province has destroyed the telecommunications network fraud criminal gangs 145, detained 1542 people, who cheated 9 million 470 thousand yuan of funds frozen. (end)相关的主题文章: