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Hangzhou municipal Party committee secretary: never condone his relatives Kaoshanchishan – Sohu news yesterday, Hangzhou city held the five plenary session of the eleven session of the Commission for Discipline inspection. The provincial Party committee, Hangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Zhao Yide told leaders of each unit in sincere words and earnest wishes will be strict, diligent self-cultivation Lide, improve their ability to learn more. He also spent a larger space to focus on family problems. He said, leading cadres should not only manage yourself, but also manage the family, never indulge family Kaoshanchishan, character". The plenary session also reviewed and summarized the work of last year, and deployed the main tasks this year. Data show that last year the city discipline inspection and supervision organs in 1766, an increase of 26.69%, 1756 party and government discipline, an increase of 26.97%, the discipline review data hit a record high, "with practical action demonstrates the anti-corruption determination and zero tolerance attitude". Hangzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Chen Qingcang said that the new year, Hangzhou city discipline inspection organs at all levels will be the successful completion of the G20 summit service tasks, implementation of the "13th Five-Year" wonderful start, focus on supervision and discipline of accountability, persevere to implement the spirit of the central eight provisions, efforts to solve the problem of the masses around the unwholesome tendencies and corruption, and comprehensively promote clean government the construction and anti-corruption work. This year, Hangzhou will highlight the focus of inspections and maintain a high pressure situation. Adhering to the "no forbidden zone, full coverage, zero tolerance", the following three categories of situations at the same time is the top priority: the party’s eighteen big, not convergence, not hand, the problem is serious, the masses are strong, and now important positions and may also promote the use of Party members and leading cadres. Carry out inspection will focus on the key people, the key and key issues, but also kill a backstroke when necessary". At the same time, will increase stealth "four winds" investigation and so on.

杭州市委书记:决不纵容家人亲属“靠山吃山”-搜狐新闻  昨天,杭州市召开纪委十一届五次全会。   省委常委、杭州市委书记赵一德在会上语重心长地告诫各单位一把手,要严修身勤立德,要多学习,提高自身能力。他还花了较大的篇幅重点谈及家风问题。   他说,党员领导干部不仅要管好自己,还要管好家人,决不纵容家人亲属“靠山吃山”、“靠水吃水”。   全会还回顾总结了去年一年的工作,并对今年的主要任务作了部署。   数据显示,去年全市各级纪检监察机关立案1766件,同比上升26.69%,给予党纪政纪处分1756人,同比上升26.97%,执纪审查各项数据再创历史新高,“用实际行动彰显了反腐败的坚定决心和零容忍的态度”。   杭州市纪委书记陈擎苍表示,新的一年,杭州市各级纪检监察机关将为圆满完成G20峰会服务保障任务,实现“十三五”精彩开局,聚焦监督执纪问责,持之以恒落实中央八项规定精神,着力解决群众身边的不正之风和腐败问题,全面推进党风廉政建设和反腐败工作。   今年,杭州将突出审查重点,保持高压态势。坚持无禁区、全覆盖、零容忍,以下三类情况同时具备的是重中之重:党的十八大后不收敛不收手,问题严重、群众反映强烈,现在重要岗位且可能还要提拔使用的党员领导干部。开展巡视将紧盯重点人、重点事和重点问题,必要时还要杀个“回马枪”。同时,还将加大隐形“四风”查处力度等。相关的主题文章: