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"Grand track" officially released the all star was " the burning soul night " Sina entertainment news the evening of September 29th, the film "grand track" held in Beijing "burning soul night" and viewing the red carpet premiere ceremony ceremony, directed by Guo Jingming and starring Fan Bingbing [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Wu Yifan, Chen Xue, William Chan winter micro-blog] [micro-blog], Amber Kuo, Yang Mi, Lin Yun [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Yan Yikuan, Aarif Lee, Wang [micro-blog] source [micro-blog], Wang Duo, and played cangxue tooth of the motion capture actor Hu Hanchi debut. Grand track family for the first time the full lineup of aggregation, star studded, full of burning soul momentum, and in the red carpet premiere filmed the first grand track family family portrait photo. Then, together with all the creative director Guo Jingming attended the film’s premiere viewing activities. After the interaction of the reflection of the link, starring unanimously praised the film visual effects shock, exceeded expectations. A lot of the movie for the first time the audience have said: "see idols turned soldiers burning soul battle scenes in IMAX3D on the big screen, with the creation of Yuki Kajiura’s stunning soundtrack, audio-visual effects beyond imagination, worth the price!" The movie "grand track" on the evening of September 29th 22 points ahead of release, blasting the national archives. Grand track family lineup unveiled the premiere ceremony Gao Yan Legion National Archives lead film "grand track" "burning soul night" on the night of the premiere ceremony, led by director Guo Jingming has strong yen value an all-star lineup unveiled. Grand track family starring Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Chen Xuedong, William Chan, Amber Kuo, Yang Mi, Yan Yikuan, Aarif Lee, Lin Yun, Wang Yuan, Wang Duo composed the full lineup, as well as the motion capture actor Hu Hanchi dressed into the "grand track" the red carpet Premiere ceremony. The red carpet ceremony, the film day beam quiet flowers Lin Yun, and Wang Duo was the first to represent the Zillah grand track family stage, mutual talk highlights in the film, said this is a work together with everyone. Then came Yang Mi and Aarif Lee in the emotional relationship ambiguous, as the sound of God Yang Mi said very much looking forward to the film, exposing the role has dual personality, as neon Aarif Lee admits there is a feeling of unrequited love God, willing to play for the escort. The movie "action" most "you ya CP" to appear: William Chan revealed the villain played a very special and thorough, will the bad and sexy interpretation to the extreme, Amber Kuo also admitted that as Teresa developed its own muscle. Then is the appearance of the fans loved and sought after "silver zero CP" Wu Yifan and Chen Xuedong, played by Wu Yifan said: dust dust and Qi in the film zero show is between man’s friendship, and expressed confidence in the film, Chen Xuedong said: "in the film of silver handsome Wu Yifan himself, and I played for the Qi zero comedy play." Then is the red carpet debut premiere plays "Fan Bingbing and the ghost of Yan Yikuan Hill siblings", as the ghost Shanlian Quan Fan Bingbing said: "thanks to the director for the trust, firmly believe that the" grand track "will get good grades." As the ghost seam of soul Yan Yikuan also said "grand track" shoot the China film in the history of the "first", is of epoch-making significance. The last finale debut.相关的主题文章: