Gansu taxi industry to crack the central city taxi difficult sugus

Gansu city taxi industry reform center crack taxi difficult reform of Gansu taxi industry center city taxi difficult to break the general office of the Gansu provincial government announced 16 days, in order to effectively solve the city taxi difficult problem, Gansu will get rid of the mechanism of the taxi management system on the long-standing history, improve taxi service quality, better meet the needs of the masses travel. In recent years, the traditional taxi industry in Gansu taxi difficult, the quality of service is not high, can not effectively meet the needs of multi-level travel problems are increasingly prominent. At the same time, the network booking taxi came into being, in order to meet the individual needs of passengers travel at the same time, but also to the traditional taxi industry has brought a greater impact. The taxi service mainly includes the taxi service and the online booking taxi service. Gansu views put forward in the implementation of the taxi industry to deepen reform, standardize the network booking taxi management, building a diversified, differentiated travel service system; promote the parade, car rental reservation network of old and new formats of mutual integration, promote the sustained and healthy development of the taxi industry. Gansu proposed to seize the favorable opportunity of the implementation of the "Internet plus" action, promote the transformation and upgrading of the taxi cruise through "taxi + Internet"; standardize network booking taxi business, through the "Internet plus taxi" to meet the travel needs of passengers service quality and differentiation. In deepening the reform of the existing taxi cruise, cruise taxi operating period is not clear or implemented management right of compensation for the use, Gansu will use economic, legal and administrative means, the scientific development of the transition plan, and determine a reasonable transition period. Opinions clear, should give priority to the development of public transport, the overall development of cruise taxi and taxi booking network, the management of dislocation development and differences, to provide quality and variety of the transport service to the public. Accurately grasp the proportion of taxi in the city’s comprehensive transport system, determine the size of the taxi, and establish a dynamic monitoring and adjustment mechanism, and gradually achieve market regulation. In order to promote the business model upgrade, Gansu encourage the taxi to join the network cruise booking taxi company platform, to provide operational services through telecommunication and Internet services; encourage the development of on call taxi cruise service; non cash payment to encourage the promotion of use meet the financial standards, to facilitate public travel; encourage and expand services, through the modification section type meter, convenient carpool passengers pay reasonable valuation, respectively. In addition, encourage, support and guide the Gansu taxi companies, taxi drivers, industry associations and trade unions equal consultation, according to the business cost, price changes and other factors, determine a reasonable and dynamic adjustment of cruising taxi contract fee standard, deposit and fixed tasks, the existing standard is too high to be reduced, in order to further reduce the elements of money". (end)相关的主题文章: