From the physical and psychological point of view, older people are more likely to use virtual reali demonophobia

Look at the elderly than young people more suitable for virtual reality from the physiological and psychological perspective: pjtime information group virtual reality popularization, now young people gave a lot of new fun, games, learning and entertainment, but most groups inside this appears to be the young people. In recent years, the problem of aging society is becoming more and more serious in various countries. It is also said that the proportion of the elderly in our society is getting higher and higher. Naturally, the old age group has been more and more social attention. A lot of people say, virtual reality technology is not only suitable for young people, they propose to bring VR into the lives of older people, they need this.       from the perspective of the elderly more physiological and psychological fitness and virtual reality technology in fact, considering the physiological and psychological point of view, it is more suitable for the elderly than young people in a virtual reality helmet now. Older people tend to be more lonely groups, and VR devices are likely to meet their entertainment needs. And the old people’s vision gradually degenerate, not so careful to see things, but more likely to accept rough, grainy electronic screen. They also tend to be exposed to early television screens of the same kind of poor effect, and this familiar feeling does not make them feel uncomfortable like a picky young man. The virtual reality technology to reduce a lot of regret was always so sorry to hear the elderly: "young money, have money now but their children also have the body of bone is not only" and a dream or dream. But now or in the future, through the AR VR MR technology may bring a psychological comfort to the elderly. Because the elderly are often limited physical strength, mobility, the use of VR equipment sitting in a fixed position (especially the connection) but reduced their body burden, temporarily enable them to forget their physical defects. Example Western Australia Mercy Place Mont Clare nursing home for the elderly to provide a new VR service in Perth. And an old seaman nursing home through the VR glasses recalled his youthful life at sea, once as a crew working for many years old, again in his yacht life, which has very special significance in the care of all his people.       while the other woman completed her dream of traveling to africa. Virtual glasses help old people fleeing the boring daily life Mercy Health Western Australia manager Anita Ghose said that the current virtual reality helmet to experience has helped some dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients arouses their memories of life. Tel Aviv University, Israel is also developing a new VR products, trying to combine the general treadmill and virtual reality, to provide different scenarios to prevent the elderly fall. In addition, Bailen, director of Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Laboratory Jeremy.相关的主题文章: