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Frank, what Xuxin Ghosts – Chongqing Channel – before the eighteen session of the tenth round of visits to the central first drying out feedback on the issue of Tianjin, "the minority party cadres ideals and beliefs is lost, do not believe in Marxism letter spirits" impressively in the head. Previously, Tianjin has notified the former members of the Tianjin Municipal Committee, former Secretary of the Jinnan District Lv Fuchun, a typical case of superstitious activities. Lv Fuchun spends hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy Buddha statues at home, looking for Feng Shui to solve the geomantic omen, divination the future, and invite people to fortune telling. Office, residence, and other official vehicles at full power, the growth of evil spirits misfortunes "sign" and "". (Xinhua October 12th), after the eighteen largest, each tour feedback list of issues, some new words, new expressions are the focus of public attention. In this question feedback, Tianjin minority party members and cadres "do not believe Marxism Leninism, ghosts and gods" attracted much attention from all walks of life. As a former seventeen Central Committee alternate candidate, vice mayor of the main leadership study object, departments and regions, Lu Fu Chun step by step fall into "do not believe in Marxism believe the spirits, not to seek re officer, officer is not fine fine money, not love of virtue love beauty, no discipline in terms of the" four winds "corruption molecular, profound lessons, set people thinking. Impression, like Lv Fuchun "on stage about Lenin, Taiwan pray", as early as non cases, no longer "news". Former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, burn incense and pray at home for a long period of time, the office put patron stone, believe in Feng Shui, before the project started please Feng Shui foundation selected time, in order to Geely; former deputy secretary of the Sichuan provincial Li Chuncheng will be home for the elderly graves relocated from the Northeast Dujiangyan, hired Feng Shui to spend millions of public funds do Dojo; Guangdong Jieyang former party secretary Chen Hongping extremely superstitious Feng Shui, the use of public funds to build their own house, not only will the "Fengshui" into the city planning and construction, also called on Party cadres to take the lead in studying "Feng shui"…… There are three reasons for the officials to favor geomantic omen and believe in ghosts and gods. Firstly, the world outlook, outlook on life and values are gradually transformed, resulting in the belief crisis, and the two is the "official standard" thought. Some of the officials who call themselves "materialism" are not materialistic, and they dream of becoming bigger officials through "geomantic omen". Some have the ability and the pursuit of, originally by the proper effort can be promoted officials, in order to increase the insurance factor, but also consciously or not to join the team to bless; three is the spiritual emptiness, seeking sustenance. Some officials have done some shady ghosts, fear, want to take this to obtain a supernatural force shall find sustenance and home to their heart dirty soul. According to reports, Yunnan Province, the original Kunming Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Li Xi, realising he took the money should not take the likely "trouble", so, always failing to find "feng shui master" or pray, even home into a magpie also injured a "master" by the good or ill luck; Liaoning Province, former mayor of Fushun city Luan Qingwei to guide and forecast future and the fate of hope in the "master", trying to use the "supernatural or mysterious forces" to let greed get the greatest satisfaction)

心中坦荡荡,何需信鬼神–重庆频道–人民网   日前,十八届中央第十轮巡视率先晒出对天津的问题反馈,“少数党员干部理想信念丧失,不信马列信鬼神”赫然在目。此前,天津曾通报了天津市委原委员、津南区委原书记吕福春大搞迷信活动的典型案例。吕福春花费数十万元购买佛像在家中供奉,找风水先生破解风水、卜问前程,请人算命。办公室、住处、公务用车等处布满消灾辟邪、增长权势的“符”与“器”。(10月12日 新华网)   十八大后,每次巡视反馈的问题清单中,一些新词汇、新表述都是舆论关注的焦点。在今次问题反馈中,天津少数党员干部“不信马列信鬼神”备受各界瞩目。作为曾经的十七届中央候补委员候选人、副市长考察对象、部门和地区主要领导,吕福春一步步堕落成“不信马列信鬼神,不重谋事重谋官,不精干事精敛财,不恋美德恋美色,不讲纪律讲‘四风’”的腐败分子,教训深刻,发人深省。   印象中,像吕福春这样“台上大讲马列,台下求神拜佛”,早非个案,不再“新闻”。铁道部原部长刘志军,长期在家烧香拜佛,办公室放“靠山石”,笃信风水,在一些工程开工之前请风水先生选定奠基时间,以求吉利;四川省委原副书记李春城将家里老人坟墓从东北迁往都江堰,聘请风水先生做道场等花费千万公款;广东揭阳市委原书记陈弘平极度迷信风水,动用公款为自己修建阴宅,不仅将“风水术”引入城市规划建设中,还号召党政干部带头学习 “风水学”……   官员如此青睐风水、信奉鬼神,原因大致有三:一是受社会大气候的影响,世界观、人生观、价值观逐渐蜕变,产生了信仰危机;二是“官本位”思想在作怪。一些口口声声自称“唯物主义”者的官员其实并不“唯物”,幻想通过“风水造人”当上更大的官。一些有能力、有追求,原本通过正当的努力就能够获得升迁的官员,为了“增加保险系数”,也自觉或不自觉地加入祈求神鬼保佑的队伍;三是精神空虚,寻求寄托。一些官员因做了一些见不得人的鬼事,内心恐惧,想籍此求得一种超自然力量的庇佑,给自己那颗肮脏的灵魂寻找寄托和归宿。   据报道,云南省昆明市原市委常委、常务副市长李喜,在意识到自己拿了不该拿的钱有可能会“出事”之后,忧心如焚,遇事总是要找“风水大师”或是求神拜佛,甚至连家里进了一只受伤的喜鹊也要请来“大师”卜算吉凶;辽宁省抚顺市原市长栾庆伟把个人的命运和前途寄望于“大师”的指点和预测上,试图借助“超自然或神秘力量”让贪欲得到最大的满足……殊不知,只要触碰党纪国法,无论哪路神仙都保不了,其结果就是“傻子遇到骗子”(栾庆伟忏悔语录)。   执掌社会公权、承担公共责任的党员干部,是社会的中坚和骨干力量,其行为对周围人群、社会风气都会产生广泛影响。这些人热衷封建迷信,频频现身风水场所,甚至利用职权、打着公务的幌子用公款为迷信活动买单,极易起到某种“示范”作用,侵害群众的切身利益,败坏社会风气,损害党和政府的形象,亦令风水之术呈火上浇油之势,严重影响政府官员的基本价值取向和政府决策运行机制的严肃性和有效性。对这种现象,不能只做道德评判,必须坚决予以禁止。   心中坦荡荡,何需信鬼神?当务之急,一是党员干部要进一步加强党性修养,强化理论武装,坚定理想信念,自觉抵制和破除封建迷信思想;二是要大力净化被“潜规则”污染日久的官场环境,用好群众评议、实绩考核以及科学的能力素质测评这几根“标尺”,给大多数官员建立起稳定的凭“实绩”升官的政治预期;三是对症下药,从制度层面强化干部的管理、约束、监督,把权力关进制度的笼子,对领导干部动用公权大搞封建迷信形成刚性约束和制度性监督;四是加大惩处力度,让所有的官员对“高压线”敬畏有加,不敢去烧香拜佛、信奉鬼神。   文 高福生 (责编:盖纯、张?)相关的主题文章: