For Sade park by anti nuclear test Korean media blame angered China – Sohu Military Channel

For Sade park by anti nuclear test: Korean media blame Chinese angered the Military Channel – Sohu Global Times reported: South Korean President Park Geun hye is scheduled for 12 in Chong Wa Dae to meet with the ruling new national party, the largest opposition party, the Democratic Party and the second common opposition National Party leader, is expected to reduce the opportunity to deploy "" Sade "anti missile system in opposition". At the meeting to be held on the occasion, South Korean media hot Park against "Sade" power is "impure forces" requirements for the "thorough monitoring" statement. "Korean national news" said 11 days, from the park’s speech, she seems to want to use the North Korean nuclear test after China’s anxiety, pressed against the "Sade" voice. "Korea Daily" said 10, Pu Jinhui chaired a meeting of national security review status against "Sade" deployment, and government naysayers "influence" in 9, issued a warning. Pu Jinhui – "Sade" as "does not provide a method to solve the problem of the political offensive, demand on the domestic" impure forces "and" social unstable molecules "thorough monitoring. Pu Jinhui also stressed that the security crisis facing South Korea, said that when it does not know North Korea will launch cyber attacks, such as network attacks, 38 lines or Korean maritime demarcation line near the armed provocation". According to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported, Pu Jinhui said the opposition party in retort. The common Democratic Party spokesman said 10, Fifth North Korean nuclear test, the national anxiety continues to spread, now is the time to work together to deal with the South Korean politicians. But it is a pity to hear from the president’s mouth is against the "qualitative Sade" as "impure forces" and "political offensive". The statement said that it is precisely because of the current government’s policy towards the DPRK blindly, which led to North Korea’s nuclear test, should not be worried about the government’s failure to North Korea policy? South Korea’s second largest opposition party, the National Party leader Pu Zhiyuan said on the 10 temporary, although the president can understand the qualitative anti Sade divided behavior mood, but please put "Sade" to congress. "Korean national news" 11, the editorial said, some analysts believe that it is because of "Sade" deterioration of the relationship between South Korea and North Korea, which leads to take advantage of a weak point for the fifth nuclear test. Now Park president to deploy the SA as a panacea, can not help but depressing. Park Geun hye remarks about "impure forces" more dangerous, the government will oppose the "qualitative Sade" as "impure forces" and "social unstable molecules", it was time to turn back the illusion. The President issued such instructions, the relevant government departments may formulate "impure forces destroy the plan", which could return to the Korean society "dangerous monitoring rule". Now the Korean people shouting hope to see is not the president or no countermeasures to the national command, but calm down and seize power center.相关的主题文章: