Europe and the United States vs Diamond Lip lip Lip Glaze Korean fan autumn began. stand by me shinee

Europe and the United States vs Diamond Lip lip Lip Glaze autumn Korean fan began to lead: many girls fall naysayers began their replacement bag, in previous years at this time also began to draw up a matte lip, to greet the arrival of autumn. But this year’s autumn Chunzhuang actually sang Fandiao, two blingbling~ lips suddenly in the major social networks being maxed. Europe and the United States vs Diamond Lip Lip Glaze Korean fan compared to the previous autumn makeup for "strong" and "moderate" definition, the two "flash" to blind makeup has been able to get so many stars and friends of the pursuit, may is to redefine the autumn to understand it. Right to feel this charm of two popular lips. Europe and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the diamond ring lip is what "Diamond lips"? As the first to look at the Bella Hadid TA:Bella Hadid interpretation of how to interpret the "Diamond Lip" although recently in INS lit up, but early in the Atelier Versace autumn high set big show, the founder of makeup: makeup artist. Mag Lars (Pat McGrath) will be displayed in the show the models’ sculpture beauty, Bella Hadid is one of them, a screen full of elegant feeling! This is in line with the diamond lip makeup McGrath launched fourth make-up series’ Lust 004 ‘which, she will be called the "Bloodwine Kits", the deep red makeup shining like diamonds of dazzling brilliance, although not exaggerated but still at first sight. Diamond Lip painting "Diamond Lip" as to their lips, wearing a diamond studded red senior custom dress, the moment will usually bite lips ah fog face makeup magic into pajamas…… Recommended to create a single product: 1. Miss coco Lip Balm just one step to create a unique style lips, highlighting the declaration of individuality. 2.Pat McGrath Lust 004 buccolabial dual-use powder Rihanna flash "W" magazine covers nine always walk in the cutting-edge fashion Rihanna also wore the Mag Lars personally for her to create red diamond makeup, boarded the "W" in the September issue of the journal cover, the queen imposing: Rihanna shooting footage Rihanna "W" nine magazine covers very visual cover tightly makeup of the line of sight of people locked in the face of Rihanna, and behind the scene suspected smoke formed a picture provide much material for thought. Back to the makeup, the makeup McGrath diamond studded with red does not upgrade the size of a drill. Many users may think that good exaggeration, but God usually works McGrath style than this exaggeration: make up artist Pat McGrath works Pat McGrath cosmetics master works except Rihanna himself, her supermodel friend Naomi Campbell in a few days before the 2016 annual VMA awards ceremony will take direct red TA.相关的主题文章: