Environmental protection department officials to promote environmental monitoring and supervision of gamelink

The Ministry of environmental protection officials talk about promoting environmental protection supervision and law enforcement agencies to monitor the vertical management system reform in new network on 23 September, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Rong Qihan, Yang Weihan) Office of the State Office recently issued the "guidance" of the pilot work below the provincial Environmental Protection Agency monitoring the supervision and enforcement of the vertical management system reform, which marks the provincial Environmental Protection Agency monitoring the supervision and enforcement of the vertical management system reform was officially launched. This will be the focus of reform will be how to carry out? And what changes will be brought about? Xinhua News Agency reporters interview with Li Ganjie, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection. Focus on solving the "4 outstanding issues" question: what is the significance of the implementation of this reform? Li Ganjie: the implementation of the provincial Environmental Protection Agency under the supervision and law enforcement monitoring vertical management system, the Central Committee of the party standing in the height of the global arrangements, is a major reform of the system of ecological civilization in China, is a major adjustment of environmental management system in our country, but also the "13th Five-Year" period must attach great importance to and push a key the work done. There are 4 outstanding issues in our current to block the main local environmental management system: one is difficult to implement the oversight responsibilities of the local government and relevant departments, the two is difficult to solve local protectionism on environmental monitoring law enforcement intervention, three is difficult to adapt to the new requirements and solutions will cross regional inter basin environmental problems four, is difficult to regulate and strengthen the construction of the local environmental protection agency. This reform adhere to the problem oriented and goal oriented, based on system reform of environmental governance, can achieve the "4 benefits": one is beneficial to solve the 4 outstanding issues; two is conducive to the environmental protection target responsibility clear, decomposition and implementation; three is conducive to mobilize the enthusiasm of all sectors to form a joint force four is conducive to environmental protection; new and old system smooth transition. Establish and improve the vertical management of basic environmental protection system, will implement the "air pollution prevention action plan" and "water pollution prevention action plan" "soil pollution prevention action plan" to provide a strong security system, to promote the "five in one" overall planning and coordination to promote the "four comprehensive" on the overall strategic layout, has a significant and far-reaching the meaning of. Critical path: two strengthening, the focus of the two, the sound of the two Q: what is the critical path of this reform? How to grasp the "landing"? Li Ganjie: opinions put forward two strengthen, focus on the two, the sound of the reform of the two key path of environmental vertical management system. – two strengthen refers to the strengthening of local Party committees and governments and relevant departments of environmental responsibility and implement a clear, strengthening the implementation of the local government and relevant departments of environmental responsibility supervision and accountability; two focus refers to the provincial environmental protection department focusing on ecological environmental quality monitoring and environmental monitoring, city (the ground) county level two the focus of environmental law enforcement; the two refers to the establishment of the perfect coordination mechanism, establish and improve information sharing mechanism. Dynamic system, moving mechanism, moving people, pull a hair and the whole body. Opinions require the pilot provinces in accordance with the spirit and requirements of the opinions, seeking truth from facts, emancipating the mind, good at innovation, actively and steadily push forward the implementation of the reform program and the preparation of the pilot program. – -.相关的主题文章: