[eleven] eat a fish – eating Sohu to think about life ppbox

[eleven] eat a fish – eating Sohu will think about life eating grilled fish life than the height of the "exploration", located in the new furnace Bay Yue city four, the environmental good mystery, suitable for dating. Decoration to dark and dark tone of the main tone. Look at the mood of this lamp, do you have a date with lovers? Hey, and he is an eating grilled fish shop on the philosophy of life. Plates, cups, small plates, there are some rich philosophical text, such as the kitten thinking: Mom, how can I catch fish? People laughing, instant wait. The time is not very long. Before the meal from a stack of peanuts, melon seeds, knock knock say, should also be our most loved one thing. Because not eat spicy food, the Yunnan mushroom flavor of grass carp, the store and Qingjiang fish, Basa and other options, tastes a lot like, love spicy buddy choice more oh. Fish can we add some collocation ingredients, Chiba tofu, noodles, konjac, when served super large, somewhat stunned, according to the waiter said for many kilos of fish. On the table when the fish is ready to eat, but in the following dishes to cook for a while. The waiter will eat the process to help you stir the pot, so as not to stick, and you can also add soup Oh, good magic fish. Two people said to eat on the wall also didn’t eat, and finally packaged a meal box away, opening the circle of friends to share and send drinks or snacks, can eat about 60 per capita. Consumer Tips: Name: exploration furnace (Bay YoGen) address: Wuyuan Bay Road construction bay Yue City 4 floor features: elegant interesting, distinctive flavor fish相关的主题文章: