Due to the wiper problem MITSUBISHI two days in China called back to the car 190 thousand – Sohu windjview

Due to the problem of MITSUBISHI wiper two days in China called back to the car of the 190 thousand – Sohu since February of this year, MITSUBISHI frequently recalled cars worldwide, and now this momentum spread to china. Beijing Daily reporter in November 3rd from the defective product management center national quality inspection bureau learned that in November 1st, 2, two days, MITSUBISHI automobile wiper to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, involving a total of 191762 vehicles. The recall announcement shows, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI recalled 119543 vehicles in October 26, 2012 June 4th during the production of -2015 Jin Hyun cars, MITSUBISHI recalled 17547 vehicles in July 7, 2010 -2012 year in March 20th during the production of imported ASX Jin Hyun cars, as well as the November 23, 2006 -2012 year in September 27 between the date of production of some 2007-2012 models imported outlander EX Jin Sector Series cars, involving the number of 54672 cars. The scope of the recall of vehicles due to the front windshield wiper cover area of the water will be stored in the wiper motor from the periphery of the drip, and accumulated in the motor breathing holes around. In the cooling process of the windshield wiper motor running in the rain from the suction motor internal breathing holes, resulting in internal rust of parts, seizure or circuit failure, leading to the wiper motor running fault, may affect the driver in the normal running process in the field of vision, increased vehicle collision risk, there are security risks. It is reported that MITSUBISHI has recently also to the Japanese Ministry of land, apply, will recall the September 2005 -2014 year in January the production of Ou Lande and RVR two models, a total of 100797, also because of the wiper problem of the existence of security risks. According to incomplete statistics, the recent recall of MITSUBISHI in the global number of vehicles over 1 million 550 thousand vehicles. (Editor: Qiu Liying)相关的主题文章: