Don’t confuse children with myopia ravbin

Don’t make the child amblyopia and myopia confused some time ago, 10 year old friends because can’t see the blackboard, I take him to find my glasses, after inspection found 1 children right eye, left eye 0.2 eye, even with glasses was 0.5. The children left from childhood and Hyperopia Amblyopia, but always thought that friends are myopic, thinking it is not clear when reading glasses on the blackboard. In the work, often can meet with the idea of parents, in fact, amblyopia and myopia easily confused, but there is a world of difference. Amblyopia in preschool (age 6), is a kind of visual function of retardation and disorder, often accompanied by strabismus, high hyperopia, myopia or astigmatism, wearing glasses vision cannot be corrected to the normal eye, see near or far sight is not good. Myopia is often occurs in school-age and adolescent (6 years old), because it was nearly too much, cause eye muscle tension or genetic regulation caused by ocular axial length cause see far not clear, see nearly clear eye disease, and children after wearing glasses to normal visual acuity. Amblyopia on children’s visual function is far greater than the risk of myopia. Myopia is due to the excessive development of the vision after the use of the eye to lead to vision loss, not accompanied by other visual impairment, visual correction can reach more than 1. The process of development of visual acuity in amblyopia is due to various causes of visual retardation or not development, after wearing glasses vision can not be corrected, suffering from amblyopia without stereo vision, the eyes can not be used simultaneously, or eyes without cooperation, medically known as stereoblind. Stereo blind can not see the distance and height of objects, can not determine their position in the space, the impact of future career choices. Comparison of the two, the greater the risk of amblyopia. Therefore, found that children with bad eyesight, must go to the hospital optometry examination, to discover whether the treatment of amblyopia, and as soon as possible. Today’s topic: do you give your child regular vision measurements? Put your views to our WeChat public number Q treasure pioneer background, have the opportunity to get a fine gift ~!相关的主题文章: