Deep down, the market risk has been basically resolved stepped back after the 30 day moving average minmi

Deep down, the market risk has been basically resolved stepped back after the 30 day moving average or rally [] Jufeng investment adviser Thursday morning tiaokongdikai, and quickly dropping 3051 points covering the gap after finishing sideways, the stock index in the afternoon in bank stocks led the rebound; on the surface, diversified financial, precious metals, real estate, colored decreases, coal, steel, banking, brokerage and support the market significantly. Theme stocks in the afternoon strong, time shares, human engineering, gene sequencing, food safety, augmented reality and other gainers. Brokerage stocks to support the market, the Pacific rose 7% intraday, the state securities, first capital, Western securities, Changjiang Securities, Dongxing securities rose over 1%. Message level, the Pacific semi annual report intends to 10 to 5, Qianhai life holdings of nearly 1 billion of the shares of 3.3%. Steel plate support: Steel Minguang was trading, Shougang shares, new shares, River Steel shares, rose over 5%. Recently, Baosteel, Anshan, three steel, Anyang iron and steel, Laiwu Steel and other steel mills introduced in September the ex factory price, the main products are improved compared to August, so the mills three quarter results basically a foregone conclusion, overall may be less in the two quarter compared with the first quarter, but still have considerable growth. In the afternoon, phosphorus chemical plate Resurgence: Xingfa group, six chemical trading, Chengxing shares rose more than 5%. The two-dimensional structure of graphene and comparable, have overcome the gap of graphene and congenital foot: have things very black phosphorus dimensional layered structure. Like graphene, appeared has attracted wide attention all over the world, to be classified as a super new material. Late yesterday, three bad answer: first, to measure the CIRC regulatory opinions issued, 600 billion universal insurance will gradually withdraw A shares; second, a lot of money from the bank credit flows to the real estate, emergency brake; Interim Measures of net loan management third, released for the P2P to strengthen supervision. These bad acceleration of the adjustment of A shares. Yesterday we mentioned the "3100 point area repeatedly saw, is an invisible hand in the price adjustment pace, with the newspaper market into the end, the market urgently needs the new leader. Right now, proper control of the position is still necessary." If not yesterday to lighten up operation, investors do not need to worry too much, the G20 summit is approaching, stability is expected to start anew, there are opportunities to transfer positions convertible. The market is expected to step back to the 30 day moving average will resume its rally, short-term adjustment is still the main tone. When investors properly control the position, buy low and sell high.  相关的主题文章: