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"Datang glory" concept poster exposure Tian Jing Tang makeup styling stunning debut – Sohu entertainment "Datang glory" first concept poster exposure Sohu entertainment news by Huan Rui century produced, Penguin pictures, thousand film CO produced, Tian Jing, Ren Jialun, Wan Qian, Yu Xiaowei, Qin Junjie, Mao Zijun, and starring youth historical drama "Datang glory" the day before the first exposure, "Yoshi’s Totem concept version of the poster and plot ferry edition series characters photos. The play adapted from the novel "the deep blue sea water energy-saving pearl legend", tells the story of the Tang Dynasty, Wuxing talented woman Shen pearl in the palace, through a blood feud strife, rebellion and Wang Li Guangping? Never abandon, always adhere to the national interests of the touching legendary epic. As a 2017 year drama, "Datang glory" will be landing the first TV to meet with the audience at the beginning of next year. Open fire to create exquisite style of Tang Yi has gathered strength actor history of Tang Dynasty legend concept poster, played by Tian Jing Shen Zhenzhu in the side in public view, hidden behind the rays, hinted at the stick to the righteous and self sacrifice of the noble sentiments. But the plot ferry version of the character group, invited the domestic first-line fashion photographer Feng Hai was. The floral, step shake, chest jacket skirt, T-shirt, brocade robe, fan and other exquisite Tang style elements, in which one appearance. Tian Jing wore a red bottom order chest jacket skirt and Ren Jialun Wang Li Guangping tightly?. Li Hang? Eyes looking so affectionate, love pearl, is very envious! The play of Li? Dark seduces generals Tokgo Jing Yao, the strength of the actor starred invited Qian wan. As a "rival" of Tian Jing and Qian Wan stood back to back. Qian Wan eyes slightly sad color, dressed in red soft hair, sideburns windscattered, there are no lack of sense and vicissitudes of life. By the ease of playing Murong and Shen Lin, pearl two sisters sitting hand, bestie revealed profound friendship between. On the other hand, the enemy’s Lee? As An Qingxu Mao Zijun, with whom they wore imperial crown relative standing. Two eyes constantly clash showdown triggered at any moment! Jianning Wang Li? (Qin Junjie ornaments) and Li? Two brothers, facing domestic unrest, unite against the common enemy, full of blood. It is reported that, in addition to the cast, the play also invited many other faction play bone joining. Grand and spectacular scenes of the war, perplexing relationship between the characters, profound contest power and strategy, little-known historical suspicions, is one for the public presentation! By the Tang Dynasty history of film and television works gray areas help spread feelings blood positive energy in recent ten years, many excellent movies have appeared in the Tang dynasty. However, most of the works are concentrated in the description of Tang Taizong, Emperor Xuanzong period, etc.. For the "rebellion" that focuses on the works of the Tang Dynasty, it seems scanty. Therefore, "Datang glory" to a certain extent, add a lot of color for the film and television drama less touched period, also few people know the history of unveiled. The play, originally born in a time of national peace and order to the young people encounter country mutation, to experience the transformation and the growth in tribulation. They are gone?相关的主题文章: