Cultivated in China for 13 years to the Israeli fund, how to borrow to advantage to create value

Cultivated in China for 13 years to the Israeli fund, how to borrow to advantage to create value? Infinity Group, founder and managing partner of Amir Gal-Or (Gao Mingzhe), the Tencent of science and technology Xu Anna recently, Shi Yuzhu (micro-blog), Ma Yun (micro-blog), China consortium’s $4 billion 400 million acquisition of Israeli gaming company Playtika, Fosun wholly acquired Israel’s top Dead Sea mineral skincare brand AHAVA, BAT and other giants of the strategic investment fund or Israeli technology companies, and even investors the establishment of Israel special fund. But the first to introduce Israeli technology to China is a Jew, he is the founder and managing partner of Infinity Amir Gal-Or (Gao Mingzhe) (Group). In 2004, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud · Olmert and vice premier Wu Yi of the State Council Chinese led Chinese first Sino foreign joint venture capital fund established Infinity-CSVC (No. 00001), this is the first Chinese RMB fund license. At that time, everyone on private equity, venture capital, carry these words are quite strange. But Gao Zheming is acutely aware of China before the start of economic opportunities, on a visit to the India, the Russian Chinese, after several emerging countries, in 2003 he decisively chose China as the main battlefield. His logic is that China has a strong economic complementarity. China the advantage of market and manufacturing characteristics, while Israel has a strong R & D capability and patented technology, if we can invest on hatching of Israeli technology, and then through the integration of the value chain and technology digestion and absorption, enhance the Chinese enterprise R & D and manufacturing technology, make it become the industry leader, is the best of both worlds. So, on the one hand, through their own incubator high Che Ming Maya founded in Tel Aviv (Maayan Ventures), investment and early incubation projects; on the other hand, with the Suzhou Industrial Park jointly set up a technical trading fund "for the think tank, found in Israel, assessment, high-tech industry is badly in need of a purchase, and then set up a joint venture in China the high-tech companies or directly through paid authorization, or transfer form into China enterprises. Take the Infinity-CSVC fund one exit case, 2004, found high Che Ming wafer level semiconductor packaging technology Israel Corp Shellcase is suitable for China industry environment, and cooperation partners to invest in Shellcase, and co founded the crystal semiconductor technology company. 2007, Infinity-CSVC fund will sell all of the crystal side to the image sensor company OmniVision. Crystal side technology has gradually become one of the world’s leader in the field of wafer level packaging, and in 2014 in the Shanghai stock exchange. Gao Zheming believes that the successful listing of crystal side is a successful example of technology, capital and market integration. 2006, Huayi Venture Investment Fund (Infinity I-China Fund) was established to raise about $300 million, China won the State Development Bank, venture capital in Suzhou!相关的主题文章: