Close U.S. stocks closed higher Tuesday data and promote debate results

Close: U.S. stocks closed higher Tuesday data and debate results pushing the stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market stocks Sina News 28 am Beijing time, U.S. stocks closed higher Tuesday, presidential debate results and some better than expected economic reports the market support. Est at 16:00 on September 27th (Beijing time at 04:00 on September 28th), the Dow rose 133.47 points, at 18228.30 points, or 0.74%; P index rose 13.83 points, at 2159.93 points, or 0.64%; the NASDAQ rose 48.22 points, at 5305.71 points, or 0.92%. By Microsoft (MSFT), Google’s parent company Alphabet (GOOG) and other heavyweights rose to promote the technology sector rose and pushed up the market. But the fall in oil prices so that U.S. stocks rose by the limit. On Tuesday, crude oil futures prices fell nearly 3%, after Iran and Saudi Arabia are that the little hope of meeting this week, the producers will reach an agreement to limit production. Both countries said Wednesday’s meeting in Algeria would be "consultative"". After the presidential debate on Monday night, the U.S. stock index futures rose, because the market believes that Trump has greater predictability. Themis Trading, executive director of Mark kapner (Mark Kepner) said: "obviously, Hilary in the debate of excellence to promote the stock index futures rose, but soon returned to the market of the European stock market and Deutsche Bank worries. Germany’s DAX index has fallen by more than 1%, negative sentiment is spreading." Kepner said: oil prices fell sharply, the same pressure on the market." U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary and Republican presidential candidate, a total of three public debate will be held yesterday evening, the first debate is the first of the two people. London – Webb Paul CEO ADS Securities Agency (Paul Webb) said: "even if the last night and not for the high-profile debate both sides bring overwhelming results, but on the November presidential election results have been more clear idea for the market to provide some direction." He said: "the idea of Wall Street is that Hilary is a safer candidate, but given two weeks of debate and campaigning, it will be a huge source of market turmoil in the near future," he said." U.S. stocks fell on Monday, the presidential debates the worries about market depression. At the end of the debate, Accendo Markets pointed out that it is still too early to think that Trump has no chance of winning". Accendo Markets in the research report said: Trump may set a minimum standard for future confrontation. He does have the ability to bounce back, and with this ability, his camp is getting closer and closer to the oval office." On Tuesday, the Mexico Peso rose sharply against the dollar, making it clear that the financial markets have seen Hilary as the 5 last night相关的主题文章: