Chongqing Jinshan gas coal mine explosion witness the air came like a tornado in Beijing x3210

Chongqing Jinshan gas coal mine explosion witness: the air came as news agency of the new network in Chongqing in November 1 tornado – Yongchuan Xinhua: Chongqing Jinshan gas coal mine explosion witness: the air came like a tornado in the News Agency reporter Liu Xianglin "out of the air suddenly threw me down, what is too late want to go sideways, lying down in the mine mouth." The miners master Wei a dust, pointing to the mine mouth hand still trembling, voice suddenly deep down. October 31st at 11:33, Chongqing District, Yongchuan Town, Jinshan coal mine gas explosion occurred at the time of the incident, 35 people in the underground operation, the rescue of the 2 people to evacuate, no injuries, and the remaining 33 people were trapped underground. Has been working in the Jinshan coal mine 6 years master Wei is responsible for the delivery of mined coal, gas explosion when he and another worker just went to the mine mouth, roared out of the shock wave stopped their pace. "The air is like a tornado, mixed with gravel, and I was almost blown down, and then there was a muffled sound." Master Wei said that the perennial work experience to make him aware of the mine, there must be an explosion, he and the workers did not make a conversation, but invariably turned to roll down, holding his head. Master Wei told the News Agency reporter, after about ten seconds of air to subside, he got up and found more than ten meters away, the mine mouth parked several motorcycles were all air blown. The diffuse dust came out with a "bang", he was back to God ran out. Run away, master Wei stopped body found out again, and immediately after the call to his wife at peace. After the explosion came out, the miners did not run out of the room, gathered in front of an open pit. "We can not contact the underground workers, know it, but not all sorts of gossip about the rescue, how to do." Master Wei told reporters that about an hour later, rescue workers and medical personnel rushed to the scene. Reporters saw at the rescue scene, the mining area on the ground filled with fire, health, electricity, communications and other rescue vehicles. 4 state-owned coal mines in Chongqing, the rescue team of the 10 teams are on the scene to carry out rescue, several teams have been returned from the underground rescue workers, but have not yet seen people rescued. Release the scene of the accident emergency headquarters news, Jinshangou as a private coal mine coal mine, full license. There are 2 underground coal mining face, the 2 tunneling face, lost contact with the staff focused on the north and south of the two coal face. Rescue teams have 3 batches of underground rescue exploration, feedback shows that the impact of the blast wave, the underground part of the tunnel collapsed. Some areas of toxic and harmful gases seriously overweight, is currently being installed equipment for emissions. Mu Huaping, deputy mayor of Chongqing City, 1, 2:30, said at the scene of the accident, after repeated verification, has found no trapped in the lives of the characteristics of the 13 trapped, the remaining trapped in search and rescue personnel. Mu Ping said the rescue workers are divided into liner replacement wells, day and night operations. Rescue headquarters has been dispatching equipment, to open up the underground passage, convenient rescue workers next to rescue. Chongqing has asked the city to focus on the production safety of large investigation,相关的主题文章: