Chinese wine in Renhuai during the signing of 13 billion yuan Beijing – in the sixth session of the ca1477

"Chinese wine" in Renhuai during the signing of 13 billion yuan – Beijing, Beijing, Guiyang in September 9, in the sixth session of the wine expo (reporter Yang Qian) 9, Renhuai China wine in the sixth wine expo held during the China Merchants special promotion activities and on the scene of the signing ceremony, signed a total of 37 projects, total investment of 13 billion yuan. Renhuai, the signing of trade projects 28, contracted funds of $8 billion 400 million; tourism, wine, electronics and big data investment projects 9, contracted funds of $4 billion 600 million. Renhuai City, the use of wine + big data open a new marketing model of Maotai liquor, liquor sales market and broaden the space for development. The first half of 2016, the liquor trading center line transactions reached 167 million yuan, 27 members, is expected by the wine investment company purchasing and storage etc. at the end of trading volume exceeded 2 billion yuan. Renhuai will "wine" as a key project of tourism industry development. The development of Moutai industrial tourism, liquor culture, Chishui River wine cultural tourism experience zone, out of the wine + tourism characteristics of the path to promote the transformation and upgrading of the liquor industry. The Wine Fair will set up the theme pavilion in Renhuai, more than and 100 companies, a variety of liquor brands, to focus on display and provide sales services. (end)相关的主题文章: