China and Australia launched joint anti drug operations and seized more than 3 tons of narcotics a y

The two countries launched a joint anti drug operations a year more than 3 tons of drugs seized in the Australian joint anti drug operations on display at the exhibition of achievements of drug manufacturing, possession of goods and drugs seized. Nanfang Daily reporter Guo Zhijun photo Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Hong Yiyi Wang Baichuan) 2, the author from the Sino Australian joint anti drug operation results show that, since a year ago the two countries launched a joint anti drug operations, Guangdong as the vanguard of the joint anti drug operations, Guangdong police investigating 29 cases involving Australian drug cases, arrested 69 criminal suspects, seized 1190 kilograms of drugs, drug manufacturing 3187 kilograms of raw materials. Australian police investigation of 52 drug cases, arrested 48 suspects, seized 1385 kilograms of methamphetamine, ephedrine 581 kg. According to the interaction of drug cases, high trend, countries to strengthen the anti drug law enforcement cooperation, November 2, 2015, deputy secretary of the National Narcotics Control Commission China, Narcotics Control Bureau Ministry of Public Security Secretary Hu Minglang and Commonwealth of Australia police Deputy Commissioner Zhang Bo signed the Sino Australian joint anti drug action plan in Guangzhou. Since the special action was carried out, the Guangdong police have worked closely with the Australian police in the coordination and coordination of the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of public security, strengthened training and learning, deepened the cooperation field, and continuously improved the effectiveness of the attack, and achieved the desired results. Editor in chief: GDN008

中澳两国启动联合缉毒行动 一年缴获毒品逾3吨 中澳联合缉毒行动成果展上展出缴获的制毒工具、藏毒物品及毒品。南方日报记者 郭智军 摄   南方日报讯 (记者 洪奕宜 通讯员 王佰川)笔者2日从中澳联合缉毒行动成果展上获悉,自一年前中澳两国启动联合缉毒行动以来,广东作为此次联合缉毒行动的先锋队,广东警方共侦办29起涉澳大利亚毒品案件,抓获69名犯罪嫌疑人,缴获各类毒品1190公斤,制毒原料3187公斤。澳大利亚警方共侦办52宗毒品案件,抓获48名犯罪嫌疑人,缴获毒品冰毒1385公斤,麻黄碱581公斤。   针对互涉毒品案件的高发态势,中澳两国加强了缉毒执法合作力度,2015年11月2日,中国国家禁毒委员会常务副秘书长、公安部禁毒局局长胡明朗与澳大利亚联邦警察副总警监张搏在广州签署中澳联合缉毒行动方案。   专项行动开展以来,广东警方在公安部禁毒局的统筹协调下,与澳大利亚警方密切沟通交流,强化培训学习,深化合作领域,不断提升打击成效,取得预期的效果。 责任编辑: GDN008相关的主题文章: