Chengdu housing market regional control upgrade to escort the development of future city solid converter

Chengdu housing market regional control upgrade to escort the development of future city in November 17th, Chengdu municipal government official website issued a news: "Chengdu Municipal People’s Government Office on Issuing the notice" to further promote the healthy development of policies and measures of our real estate market, causing public concern. "Notice" compelling content is: to further strengthen the Chengdu South Park, hi tech Zone straight Chengdu Tianfu new area and other regional hot property purchase restrictions measures. This means that the purchase of real estate policy in Chengdu will be upgraded again, and for the first time proposed a regional restriction measures. See, the Chengdu City real estate market regulation, not only through administrative measures to limit the price, not for price and price, but for the real estate market and regional development of the long-term plan scientifically, rationally and effectively allocate resources, truly promote the Tianfu new area, high tech Zone and the whole city of Chengdu to the National Center City steadily towards the goal. Regional restriction grasp the pulse of the housing market regulation. Not long ago, the Chengdu property market has been a popular news media have been reproduced in the country, the impact is great, that is, Chengdu, south of a real estate was a mysterious person to buy 60 sets". Later proved that this is a false news, the parties have been investigated and dealt with by the departments concerned. But from another perspective, it also shows that the South straight Chengdu Tianfu new area, high tech Zone in Chengdu housing market hot spots, is also the construction of the National Center of Chengdu City, to speed up the strategy of south. It can be said that the high tech Zone and Tianfu new area has become a barometer of the Chengdu property market, to really quickly curb the rapid rise in prices, curb the overheated market transactions, it must be done from the high tech Zone and straight Chengdu Tianfu new area. From this point, Chengdu city high tech Zone and straight Chengdu Tianfu new area of "regional restriction, accurately grasp the pulse of the housing market overheating. Extended reading: why Chengdu won the history of the most stringent South City property market spell credit limit restriction of new housing authority detailed doubts: Chengdu second-hand housing is not in the scope of the purchase of Chengdu property purchase restrictions announced new policies south hot area increase the household registration restrictions to the purchase of Chengdu urban houses 1 months supply accounted for only 30% of the purchase of the property before the national day the introduction of the new deal half Chengdu South City property market rational return restriction policy, unprecedented rigorous pointing precision. Let’s look at the notice which specific provisions for the key areas of the southern purchase: "from now on, South Park, Chengdu high tech Zone straight Chengdu Tianfu New Area residents in Chengdu or South Park, Tianfu District Chengdu District Employment and stable straight continuous pay social insurance and personal income tax of 1 residents years in other areas, no proprietary housing in the region, and after October 1, 2016 has not been in office issued 2016 Document No. 37 of the property purchase restrictions within the area of the new purchase of commodity housing, can buy 1 sets of commercial housing in the area. Those who do not meet the above conditions, shall not purchase commodity housing in the region." There is a summary of the words of this sentence, non South Sanhuan outside the Aboriginal and office workers, not in the high.相关的主题文章: