Car king of battle 16 Lingpai Carola vs16 ca1810

Car king of battle: 16 Lingpai Carola VS16 many people ask me, they want to buy a ten compact car, mainly used in household, shape and brand have said in the past, and also is the new models, not in recent years to upgrade. After sifting through these conditions, appear Lingpai and corolla will understand the car’s friends in the minds of the shadow. So compact family car king, who is it? 2016 Lingpai compared 2016 Carola, when the two vehicles collided, who will perform better? In order to facilitate comparison, we only come up with two models of the car is often compared to the comparison. First, the origin of the brand comparison: Ling faction is a special Honda to create a new car for the Chinese market. Conpect C concept car Lingpai is the predecessor of Guangzhou Honda released at the Beijing auto show, it is Guangzhou Honda launched the first compact car, the Honda brand is also following the civic after the launch of the second compact car after the listing from the sales point of view, it is no doubt the level has become the biggest dark horse. The Corolla is naturally needless to say, TOYOTA COROLLA tenth generation upgrade product line. Since its release, Carola by the global consumer concern; million in sales has been recognized by the world. Two, the appearance of contrast: appearance, Honda Lingpai the biggest change is that the front grille was redesigned, the downward, appear more visually striking. Ling Pai’s line looked very sporty, like the kind of muscle lines. Some of the more fashionable elements. "Before the mouth grill" instead of the split grille to increase the visual impact, to the rear of the car with echo in the rear bumper adds a chrome trim. At the same time the top version uses LED headlamps and LED daytime running lights. The hub also features a new design style, but also more tough. Domestic new generation corolla new model of face details, and the overall shape of the European version of the new pull roller to maintain a high synchronization. A large area of the V type chrome grille and headlights fused face to create a strong sense of movement. In addition, the whole line of tough, with the end of the design of full vehicle, feeling full of vitality. The interior, the new generation of the corolla chose the more black design sense of movement, but it seems rather boring, as Lingpai seductive. General appearance: TOYOTA corolla, the appearance of the atmosphere, and not what prominent highlights, more suitable for home. And Ling faction elegant appearance, atmosphere! Atmosphere! Atmosphere! The important thing to say three times, now the Lingpai appearance is definitely not lost accord, body side of the sharp line and dynamic, the tail slightly warped, there is a ready to run at the starting line of the posture, the more young people are "food". Three, spatial contrast: the main advantage of the faction is still in the car space, whether it is riding, storage, or luggage space, have reached a very high level in the same car. The rear seats and the rear seats are spacious enough. I really admire the Japanese desire for this space, the absolute maximum space. TOYOTA corolla is the predecessor of AE8:相关的主题文章: