Bob Dylon won the Nobel Prize is a signal Literature encountered unprecedented crisis aizi

Bob won the Nobel Prize is a signal: Literature encountered an unprecedented crisis, Dylan won the award, and was implicated in the introduction of the United States in the history of the World War II in the world. Is said to have a culture known as Bob · Dylan is similar to Shakespeare’s genius, I haven’t careful research, but should be possible, as there are a lot of people talk about singing music creators Eminem has Shakespeare’s language talent. This is a rather haphazard analogy, but there is some truth in the analogy of cultural influence and status. Shakespeare created a new world, a new type of characters and a number of new vocabulary, this is enough to explain the views of Bloom, Shakespeare’s great. Literature has shouldering the creation function, Shakespeare naturally had extraordinary place, but also was born in a theatrical stage has the cultural status of the period (There is nothing comparable to this is because of its great influence, it is always facing the Protestant closed may). The task of creating new people was later dispersed into non imaginative writing, and finally to the social movement and non reading media. Sutter said that the theory of post colonialism and revolution is in the creation of new people, and now we believe that robots and artificial intelligence are in the creation of new. We create a new means of today’s rich literary imagination, no longer seems to have the unique power, it must be very fierce competition and all made plastic people way, but it is not as popular music, not drama, not large virtual reality game, also not create reality playground. In this sense, perhaps today’s Shakespeare is an artist like Dylan. Reading in the printing culture rise, in Western Europe in eighteenth Century, in Chinese is perhaps the late Ming Dynasty, this is a human cognitive and emotional revolution, people begin to imagine the world free to establish a close relationship with society in the book. But today, the desk reading seems to have become a kind of conservative and cowardly. Knowledge follows the radio waves of radio waves from the sky and the sea, and there is no good equipment and an unusually flexible mind. There is not enough brains, to be converted into brain science and technology. So, Dylan’s award is a signal that has been in crisis literature encountered the biggest crisis in the hitherto unknown mode of transmission, reading literature is literature itself aside and disgust, and audio-visual media based on the text has got on top. I don’t really want to talk about the "literary" value of Dylan’s lyrics, and there is not much room for expansion. Folk literature has always been a part of literature, but the so-called classic literature, mostly through the transformation of the literati, must be different from the common language as a basis for their existence. Classical literature has always been borrowed from the creation of popular art form, but it is not equal to the popular art of genius. Modernism and Postmodernism in twentieth Century just this fracture to the extreme, although these absurd literary genre and culture in twentieth Century the same, in the ways of expression are consciously from the public. So the biggest significance of Dylan winning or not is the appreciation of the lyrics of "literariness", which is to deepen our thinking of literary crisis. In)相关的主题文章: