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Blue river merger of Italy dairy enterprises Alimanta national investment adviser king contest: peep catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide Italy time on October 25th, Blue River (blue river dairy) and Alimenta (formally Italy milk prices Alimanta) signed the merger agreement, the blue river became the controlling shareholder of Ali Manta 60%, and will further invest 50 million euros of new infant formula milk powder factory and desalted whey powder factory in Italy Sardinia. This is the first collaboration between Chinese and Italian milk prices, causing the Italy media and domestic media coverage. In October 25th 5 pm, blue river and Sardinia in Italy, the capital of Cagliari Ali Manta (Cagliari) held merger signing ceremony and press conference, Italy Sardinia chairman Francesco Pigliaru Mr. Sardinia, Secretary of agriculture Elisabetta Ms. Falchi, Chinese ambassador to Italy embassy minister counsellor Mr. Xu Xiaofeng attended the press conference witnessed two Italy enterprise contract. Conference, blue river and Ali Manta to 20 European media to officially release will further invest 50 million euro new infant formula milk powder factory and D90 desalted whey powder factory. Through cooperation and investment, Ali Manta will further consolidate its global sheep dairy products the first supplier status, especially the formation of monopoly advantage in D90 sheep desalted whey powder supply, but also will become the only European sheep infant formula brands. Sardinia is located in Italy Ali Manta after Sicily’s second largest island, is one of the oldest parts of europe. Sardinia is the highest proportion of centenarians in the world, also known as "longevity island". Sardinia has a population of 1 million 600 thousand, but the number of dairy sheep is only 3 million 500 thousand, the annual milk production of more than 300 million liters, the amount of sheep whey liquid up to 240 million liters. Because of Italy and the Mediterranean region countries, the traditional eating habits of sheep cheese, cheese factory on the island of Sardinia is beyond count, but Ali Manta only milk factory. At present, Ali Manta is the main product of whole milk, skim milk and sheep sheep desalted whey powder, through the blue river merger investment, new infant formula milk sheep D90 and desalted whey powder in the near future of the terminal products and dairy products to create high-quality raw materials, Sardinia dairy products in the global scope name card. The Sardinia government highly praised the blue river and Manta Ali cooperation. District President Mr.Pigliaru in the afternoon of 25 special meeting with the blue river and Ali Manta shareholders and executives, he said "to see the merger and cooperation, I feel very happy, and the Italy government investment policy is completely consistent". Sardinia agriculture minister Falchi said at the press conference, also known as the blue river is the first foreign investment in Sardinia dairy industry, the significance of Sardinia". "The merger is a good excavation of the potential of Sardinia sheep milk industry, sheep whey and sheep milk is very important in China’s economy相关的主题文章: