Beijing, Chaoyang District launched the second women’s children’s public service project creative co

Beijing City, Chaoyang District launched the second women and children’s welfare services contest – International – Beijing 9 October,   recently, by the Chaoyang District women’s Federation hosted Chaoyang District Zhi Yun Hong good social work office of the second Chaoyang District women and children’s welfare services contest officially began for the whole society to recruit outstanding public projects. This contest project including women and children, women and children, to enhance the quality of people’s livelihood in four areas of civilized and harmonious family construction and the rights of women and children, all application project by women and children from the experts in the field of creativity, feasibility, the needs of the masses and public welfare and other four aspects of project evaluation, excellent project will be held next year the government purchase of services, corporate sponsorship, fund support and other ways to promote the implementation of landing. After landing the project, the District Women’s Federation will be through the third party assessment agencies, collect feedback on women and children, guide social organizations to continuously improve services. After the end of the first session of the creative contest last year, through the form of government procurement of services to promote the implementation of 6 projects landing, as well as the promotion of the 1 projects in the city." Chaoyang District women’s Federation responsible person, "this is the second time Chaoyang District through the contest in the form of open recruitment of public service projects, in order to more extensive social resources, to provide personalized and professional services for women and children and their families." It is reported that from now until October 31st, participants can log on "Beijing Chaoyang government network, in the government bulletin," on the second session of the Chaoyang District women and children’s welfare services contest announcement "download the project declaration, enterprises and institutions, all keen on women and children social organization, public organization, scientific research organizations, women’s organizations at all levels and individuals can download and fill in the project application. (Li Xuefeng) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: