Beautiful joint group responded to layoffs 200 rumors normal personnel mobility hamimelon

Beautiful united group to lay off 200 people in response to rumors: the normal flow of personnel of Tencent technology news (Sun Hongchao) October 8th news, recently there are rumors that beautiful by the beautiful united group said,, scouring the world merged under a new round of layoffs, layoffs in the left and right 200 people mainly involves research and development, operations and human resources department. Earlier today, the United States, Ding Jiale, director of public relations group, said the joint response to the Tencent science and technology, said: the United Group did not lay off beauty, false reports on the network has also taken legal means. There are indeed some aspects of staff turnover, but it belongs to the normal flow of personnel, no layoffs." Other data show,, beautiful said the number of monthly active users of App decreased, which monthly active users decreased from 12 million 880 thousand in April to 6 million 970 thousand in July, said the beautiful month the number of active users from 8 million 690 thousand in April, reduced to 5 million 60 thousand in July. In this regard, the United States and the United States responded that the joint group is due to the recovery of the brand positioning and positioning data caused by the short-term decline, but in August began to increase the overall flow of more than 15%, the conversion rate has been increased by 20%-30%. In June 15th this year, said June,, after the merger of the world officially announced the new group for the beautiful joint group, as the new group CEO. June said that the future will be through to the beauty that, scouring the world three independent brand as the core, and to include the media products MOGU, red economic ecological platform uni and integrated marketing solutions provider, product matrix sharp shark overall, female fashion consumer demand in the community + content + electricity supplier model different stages of service. Recommendation: focus on "AI generation" micro signal (tencentAI), reply "Standford", access to the Stanford University report: 2030 artificial intelligence and Life Report Download link.相关的主题文章: