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Bear children school trouble   parents money dispute — Jiangxi — Nanchang channel together "student injury claims" parents lost 2.8 yuan sentencing judge: "in the school were injured, the school should bear the main responsibility" is a kind of wrong views before the Nanchang court sentenced a collision caused by the students in the school the medical disability compensation case. Reporter noted that, in this case, bear children trouble, parents and schools have accused the court, but the court was mainly responsible for breach of students, and the school only bear secondary responsibility 20%. Some parents believe that: as long as the students in the school were injured, the school should bear primary responsibility, parents lose very unjust judgment. But the judge believes that this is a wrong point of view. The student campus injury case criterion Xuan introduction, small Wan and Xiao Gang is a school pupils in Nanchang city. In September 16, 2015 3 pm, during the recess, Xiao Gang in the school playground was knocked down by a small small Wan Wan, causing injuries. After the accident, small Wan was sent to the hospital for 4 days, spent 11243.8 yuan for medical expenses. Identified: small Wan left upper limb injury assessed as ten disabled; follow-up treatment costs evaluation for 2000 yuan. Subsequently, small Wan Xiao Gang will and the school to Nanchang city East Lake District People’s court. The day before the court of East Lake District of Nanchang City, the case has been concluded, and the verdict. The court held that the small Wan, Xiaogang was only 8 years old, the Department of the break period, because there was no school teacher present management, small wan to Xiaogang injured disabled ten, the small Wan Xiaogang should bear the main responsibility for compensation is 80%, namely 20% schools bear secondary liability. For small department of minors, shall be the responsibility of guardians. Finally, the court decision, a one-time compensation of 500 yuan small Wan school and parents; Xiaogang small Wan one-time compensation 28633.44 yuan; the insurance company a one-time compensation of 6658.36 yuan small wan. Over 60% injured by playing "before us court also accepted together with similar cases, two of the second grade students in the primary school classroom corridor game play, one of the pupils knock off incisors." Nanchang city East Lake district court staff told reporters, in adjudicating cases, sitting on the dock of the parents of children, children playing during recess occurred the race each other accidentally bumps can hardly be avoided, wrestling knock off incisors should be responsible for their own. But in the end, the court ruled that the defendant’s parents bear 50% of the liability, and the school bear the responsibility of the 30%. The reporter found by querying the Jiangxi court case information, the past two years, around the campus injury occurred in the incident has reached dozens, the incident, between students playing, such as the case of East Lake district court; there are defects of safety education, school facilities are not in place, such as high security, City Court previously concluded, the second grade primary school arrange duty, this period was the window broken glass hurt caused by seven disability court school responsibility for 90%. The reporter combing the dozens on campus injury cases between students’ playing cause damage and make to the court of claims for medical expenses, more than 60%. School injured school bear the main responsibility? )相关的主题文章: