August national network of illegal and bad information reporting volume increased by over 40%

In August the national Internet illegal information reporting the amount received an increase of over 40% – Beijing, August 2016, net letter do report across departments, sites and take effective measures to actively promote the network report, received illegal information report 3 million 580 thousand, an increase of 44.5%. Audited, 2 million 347 thousand pieces of effective reporting. Among them, the false part of the network fraud activities for young people are concentrated in the report and condemnation. China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center and continue to carry out the work of reporting acceptance checks, the fifth batch of spot checks are good overall situation of the 18 sites. A comprehensive analysis of the national report, pornographic harmful information reporting is still more prominent, up to 1 million 425 thousand, accounting for 60.7%; the political class of harmful information reported accounted for 11.9%; fraud harmful information reported accounted for 8.4%; violation of the rights and interests of users accounted for more than 2.7% kinds of harmful information reported; gambling harmful information reported violence accounted for 3.9%; the fear of such harmful information reported accounted for 2%; the network paid delete posts extortion and harmful information reporting accounted for 0.6%; the other harmful information reported accounted for 9.8%. At the end of August, the national network to report to law enforcement agencies or departments directly to the disposal of illegal information effectively report 2 million 242 thousand, through various channels to the users feedback disposal results 2 million 213 thousand. Among them, China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center directly accepted effective report 53839; around the network information office departments report to accept valid report 119 thousand; the central focus of the news website received a total effective report 393; the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) territorial key website (including the main business website) receiving effective report 2 million 174 thousand. The main business website to accept illegal and effective reporting of 2 million 116 thousand pieces of bad information, disposal or transfer to the law enforcement department of 2 million 19 thousand. Among them, the Tencent accepted effective report 1 million 892 thousand (WeChat 1 million 92 thousand, micro-blog QQ71.1 million, 10 thousand, 53 thousand, Sina website) receiving effective report 192 thousand (Sina micro-blog 125 thousand), Baidu accepted effective report 15 thousand, the Alibaba received 14 thousand valid reports, Tianya receiving effective report 2027, Katie accepted the network effective report 828, Sohu accepted effective report 461, receiving effective report 366, accepted effective report 67, report 48 effective acceptance of NetEase. According to public reports, the reporting center to check the following outstanding violations, one is the illegal use of Tencent QQ space, interest in the tribe of pornographic information dissemination, promotion of selling pornographic video resources of the cloud account; two is the road passenger Baba, 360doc online document sharing platform lax review, there are many harmful cult and abetting document crime, bloody violence; the three is Jinjiang city literature, electronic library network reading fiction website published pornographic and vulgar novels. Clues have been notified of the site or transferred to law enforcement agencies according to law. August, China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center and continue to carry out.相关的主题文章: