Analysis of pay double EIA narrowly morning Chinese Moyang curtain technology vy canis majoris

Fu Moyang: double EIA Chinese technical analysis following the morning call near misses October 13th morning API recorded higher than expected last night, EIA data even more than expected; when the week since EIA crude oil inventories refresh in April the largest increase, and is the 6 consecutive week recorded for the first time on the rise; Cushing crude oil stocks, stocks of gasoline and distillate inventories the decline was more than expected last week; although the domestic crude oil production is properly reduced, but the WTI crude oil prices tumbled below $50 a barrel back. Yesterday, the Asia Europe plate rebound hit 50.40 near the pressure sideways. To the United States a little late disc, EIA significantly higher than expected and the previous value of crude oil fell sharply hit bottom. With the technical side down. The current rise again neutral shocks, so concerned about the late closing. Fall has been quite close to 49.10 low support, if today’s close in line 10 below, tomorrow will deepen the adjustment, the 50.40 will form a new resistance level cut-off point. Technical analysis of crude oil: oil prices fell to 49.36 after last night, it will show a rising trend, the market is gone forever. From the four hours chart Bollinger Bands opening up, prices run on the band, KDJ divergence upward, MACD indicators speed line junction formation, green short ability of overall shrinkage, long strong. At present the market continues to expand. The recent market straddle intertwined, wide shocks, the operation must take the stop loss and profit, to prevent the emergence of Youkong situation, because of the bad news on Thursday crude oil asphalt EIA and API refining oil and relatively good news rushed into V type trend, fully consistent with the given interval. At present, the technical point of view, the daily level of long continuous support, concern 49.8 line pressure, attention line 51.4, line 4 hours and hours line showed upside trend, supporting 50.15 attention, Yang received a weekly trend, I believe that the days fell unlikely, you can do more dips in a single entry, days suggested low. Today, China micro disk polypropylene point proposal: 5100-05 do buy up, stop 5080, target of 5150 or more. Silver technical analysis: silver prices continue to maintain concussion yesterday, in the technical chart, the market out of the horizontal comparison of the standard configuration. Judging from the current trend, there is the need to continue to sort out the market, the current main shock interval need to re focus on 3480-3530 position. There is no price interval yesterday Po Wei, today is still expected to have silver limited. From the short term, the current low price of silver continue to organize the need to continue. In today’s market, there is not much news to stimulate, according to the rhythm of view, the price of silver to maintain the possibility of today’s interval is very likely to shock, it is recommended that investors do not go too far to deal unilaterally. Under the condition of broken bits continue to maintain range trading can be. Today, Chinese business disk silver point proposal: 3480 to do more near the stop loss of 3450, the target of 3530, a short line of 3530, stop at 3550, target of 3480. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass,.相关的主题文章: