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A war will come to see the old lord! The odds can climb the mountain thunder rocket? 76 victory over Harden state fiery Beijing time on November 17th at 9 in the morning, a focus of the war in the NBA rocket and the thunder started between. This is James harden fifteenth times facing the old host in the regular season, and played 14 times previously, each get 7 wins. On the game, the Gambling company also opened the relevant odds, home court battle thunder found the odds for 1 / 1.57, 1 / 1.86 is better than the Rockets, seems to stop but is confident of thunder home court. [small rockets PK thunder! Synchronous Warrior Knight] season almost will unseat the warriors of the thunder early in the season showed a good competitive state, 4 straight start, now the Western Conference clippers only defeat is the gift of worship. But the good state comes to go, in November 10th to Toronto home court, the thunder not only gave the west, also suffered 4 over the dilemma. During the Brook averaged 34.2 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists, but the performance is still not so powerful enough to win led. With its team frequently dual core, three core drive different, the thunder of the single core in the long season seems to be some subsequent weakness. All his old face harden is a geometric? And the plight of the thunder is slightly different, the Rockets continue to harden state drifting. The Spurs and mutual "explosive" each other after a recent Houston home court, 27 points in the 76 gain victory with unstained swords. In the war and the thunder before the Rockets let harden the main valuable rest, but also ushered in the good news of general Beverly comeback. But even so, the road 1 loss of the odds of 1.86 still show that they are in a weak party. In fact, since 2012, leaving the thunder harden 14 times in the regular season against his old club, averaging 29 points, hit rate of over 4, and the period has also had a wave of thunder’s 5 game winning streak. The last 1 meetings the Rockets beat the thunder home court 118-110, harden had 41 points and 9 assists in anger attack pressure Durant and westbrook. But in the thunder team defeat of the season, there are also several times are lost to the old, such as the lost warrior suffered the first defeat of the season, home court against the magic was Ibaka lore, the last round of defeat to Reggie Jackson’s piston. This war must face the old main "high spirits" Harden Westbrook, whether out of good brothers brought the "bad luck", let’s look at the prediction results of artificial intelligence. [click here! Look at the small rockets 11 war thunder Warrior Knight]相关的主题文章: