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"A number" poster exposure Jiang Wen Donnie Yen battle Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 13th news, pictures by Lucas produced sci-fi epic, "a number of Star Wars: episode" (Rogue One:A Star Wars Story) today announced the official poster and trailer. Including Jiang Wen, Donnie Yen [micro-blog], the protagonists all appeared in posters, trailers, and a large number of unprecedented exposure highlights the magnificent scene of the global lighting surge high and sweep forward, the audience’s expectations. "A number of Star Wars: episode" the story in "Star Wars: a new hope" before, the plot and clues is relatively independent from the existing seven movie "Star Wars", tells the story of a little-known secret rebel. In the film, a group of rebel hero Chester will gather in under the banner of a theft of confidential documents and weapons of destruction of the Death Star ". They have different backgrounds, and not what the hero, but they have a secret mission, has become the influence of the war to the most critical turning point. Today, a "Grand Theft Auto: Star Wars Episode" released the official version of the movie poster and trailer. Including the Chinese starring actor Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen, the protagonists all appeared in posters, the ultimate weapon in the background fear — the Death Star fragrance of destruction and oppression, and the role of the front beat spectrum to create a tense atmosphere of tense, full of appeal to the audience; the Official Trailer length of 2 minutes and 30 seconds it exposed a lot of wonderful clips unprecedented, not only will the whole story of the sequence of events clearly show in front of the audience, at the same time, Donnie Yen Jiang Wen more scenes to show. But before the announcement a few trailers and footage has shown a number of Star Wars: the "rumor" slightly dark new style, today the Official Trailer adds urgency and sense of crisis, not only revealed the actress Qin’s father is the chief designer of the Death Star surprised people more details, the protagonist of a pedestrian perform dangerous and definitely destroyed the death star secret mission, to bring a new atmosphere and style as the "Star Wars" movie series. In addition, the audience knew Darth · Vinda will be in a "Grand Theft Auto: Star Wars Episode" appeared. As the "Star Wars" of the most classic one of the most familiar elements of the DAS · Vinda has many fans in the world; in the trailer, he also had more scenes. Although there is still some passing shots, but from the full momentum action that, as "behind" Darth · Vinda should have more exciting scenes in the official movie, this is enough to detonate the passion of the fans. "A number of Star Wars: episode" by Gareth · jaminEdwards ("Godzilla", "energy-saving") director, Lucas film producer Kennedy · and President Catherine. The cast includes "theory of everything" won the Oscar for best actress nomination for Felici’s · Jones, due to outstanding performance in "the last king of Scotland" in 2006 won the best actor Oscar fu.相关的主题文章: