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A local entrepreneurs in the eyes of the Northeast State-owned Enterprises decline: overuse of resources: the short research center Zhao Lijun, click the "anti short research center can subscribe to the no.! [editor’s note: This is a concern, the friend Mr. Zhao Lijun wrote the article, which is used to respond to our long published an article on the "decline of the Northeast State-owned Enterprises in Shenyang has become the second official, even the economic bottom are a political pawn" and wrote an article, the article was genuine and sincere shocking. Of course, due to personal circumstances, it is inevitable that some one-sided or biased, it is inevitable. The decline of Northeast China and the world’s hot debate, the Asian economic center! In the early days of the founding of the country, more than 80% of GDP came from the northeast! Northeast today’s decline as the northeast people feel extremely ashamed! Each of the northeast people is more or less aware of some of the reasons for the decline, but we can do nothing. The economy of the northeast is like a patient who has no hematopoietic function, the doctor does not cure his disease From Shang Yang reform to reform and opening up, all the successful cases at home and abroad have proved that the development of the economy in order to change the system!!! There is no other way out. At present, the proportion of state-owned enterprises in Northeast China accounted for 40%, higher than the national average of 20%, the formation of the whole society, state-owned enterprises SOE disease possession of social resources: [1] private funding squeeze: bank loans are generally preferred to lend to state-owned enterprises, because of state owned enterprises in Northeast China, private enterprises have not ranked on the team. Most of the state-owned enterprises from bank loans without collateral, the loan amount more than a long time, and it is the benchmark interest rate by 20%, private loans is generally 60% of the value of collateral, short period of one year, and the benchmark interest rate of 30%-40%, the key is the loan after most of the losses, there is no law, the repayment of bank interest, and finally only bank debt to equity swap, banks into state-owned shareholders, there is no money to private enterprise loans! Like the development of our company for 20 years, the first 12 years, the bank simply can not borrow money, and later Shanghai Pu issued in Dalian branch was established to give me a loan of the company. [2] state-owned private enterprises: state-owned enterprises to buy extrusion enclosure is allocated, the land leasing is private buy "land" about 1/3 of the land, because they buy cheap large companies, because of their low efficiency from the property to build take nearly ten years. They put a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the planning area, do not allow the people of construction and development of 5-10, people money here, only waiting for the white head, etc.. Our company was bought a piece of land, to the government to pay the land transfer fee 5-6 years after I do not allow the company to build development, not one of us, a circle of hundreds of thousands of people who do not want to develop! Greatly hindered the development of private space! [3] the private plunder: because of state-owned enterprises have special talent resources are not afraid of loss, even foreign companies are state-owned enterprises pay more than private enterprises in the northeast, we all find the relationship between money into the government into the state-owned enterprises, has formed a social atmosphere, and even a lot of people that he was a factory owner, even factory don’t do, spend money to buy a small government officer. Because the official easy money and easy;相关的主题文章: