A family of four living stove heating carbon monoxide poisoning at midnight midd-885

A family of four living stove heating midnight carbon monoxide poisoning original title: a family of four coal to warm at night poisoning Yangzi Evening News (reporter Ji Nana) 25 morning, Anhui sun aunt just received a call the son hurried to call on a family rushed to the 101 Hospital of Wuxi, because the son told his mother in the the phone itself, a family of four for all the admission of carbon monoxide poisoning, which makes the hearts all over their mouths. In the hospital emergency room, aunt Sun family has been waiting here for more than two hours, but they have not seen his son daughter-in-law and two children. Sun aunt said, son of a family of four living in Yuqi Minzhu village, the morning she received a phone call, the son is still awake, but after not contact the. In addition to his son and daughter-in-law, there is also a grandson, a granddaughter. A big 14 years old, a small age of 7, has been working in Wuxi life, because the weather is cold, not willing to open the air conditioning, he fired his own coal heating. Sun aunt said, they used to use the coal heating firewood, but she didn’t think his son would use it by the fire. Then the reporter learned from the hospital, Mr. Wang in a hyperbaric chamber treatment, Mr. Wang told reporters that he was on the toilet at night feel chest tightness, head discomfort, dizziness, and then let the children to relieve themselves, because he did not stand to fall sick. Abnormal, Mr. Wang quickly called the ambulance, fortunately, symptoms of poisoning children are relatively light, one family after treatment All is well. Doctors told reporters that as long as a few days later, a few people did not delay the reaction, even if it is fully restored, and the probability of such a late reaction is relatively small. Doctors, the most common cause of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by poisoning is raw coal stove heating. Mainly do not pay attention to ventilation, coupled with the flue is not smooth, resulting in leakage of smoke. Carbon monoxide is gathering more and more indoors, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning. Especially at night when sleep is more likely to occur. Carbon monoxide poisoning patients, do not panic. Immediately open the door to open the window ventilation, or immediately move the patient to the ventilated place, pay attention to warm, while calling 120 for help. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: