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"Face lining" in all, 3 reliable automatic recommendation SUV – car Sohu at present, more and more people Car Buying consumption concept of rationality, both "face" and "lining in importance". Who do not want their car suction eye and your heart? So the high yen value space is important, but good open, security, peace of mind is not part of the compromise. For the average family, the car is still a relatively large expenditure, therefore, the key time still have to be very careful in reckoning. Today, we screened out three models of the second half of this year, the newly launched Dongfeng cars — the scenery 1.5T CVT luxury sport lanbiao hover H6 1.5T automatic two drive Deluxe Edition SX6 1.6L CVT and Dongfeng popular exclusive type, they can meet your needs, "face" can also meet your "son" the demand. Not only the security configuration is complete, and are automatic, can be said to be worry and open. If your budget is around 100 thousand yuan, there is always a suitable for you. Below we have a detailed analysis, to facilitate comparison and purchase. Than appearance: the overall value of the high value of the face in order to have "face", then the value of the car must be high. From the appearance point of view, the three cars are pretty good, but there are different aspects. 580 scenery the whole design is full, strong sense of the classic lines of atmosphere, more beautiful, as Dongfeng scenery brand launched the first SUV, the original highly commendable. The newly listed Hafer H6 2017 Blue Sport in the whole family is unique at Harvard, the polygon grid is very strong, but I do not know is not too "street", always feel too popular, not enough personality. While the popularity of SX6 also feel more moderate, the obvious characteristics of the family, the whole looks too tough for some. Three car, hover H6 lanbiao sport because of length increase, and 580 be roughly the same scenery. In the wheelbase, the scenery reached 580 2780mm, is fully regarded as a medium-sized SUV. While the popularity of SX6 because of the high chassis partial tough in height comparative advantages. In space, scenery 580 to provide 5 7 seat optional space is flexible, and after the two row seats can completely flat down, the maximum depth is 1980mm, regardless of holidays or carrying emergency is very convenient. The Harvard H6 as a classic 5 seater space is, but the contrast is completely dominant scenery 580. Although the popular SX6 is a 7 SUV, but the seat layout is most MPV using "2+2+3" seating layout, not the mainstream, the rear seats recline not smooth also became a major shortcoming. Than the configuration of & interior scenery: young strong sense of technology in the internal configuration of 3 cars, each one has its own merits but the difference in the configuration, main is basically the level of SUV and some of the configuration also can be considered very good. In the interior design, the interior of the whole scenery 580 focus on simplicity and sense of science and technology, compared to the Harvard H6 sports version of the popular SX6 label and 8 inch screen. Scenery 580 controlled by 1.相关的主题文章: