Because of love, also willing to pay more (the teacher said, the dream society 乃々果花

Because of love, also willing to pay more (the teacher said?) – Society – editor’s note with the social development, public awareness for teachers’ changing. The teacher, preaching tuition FAQ, the teachers of different fields, how to achieve the ideal occupation in their own positions? Teachers’ Day is coming, this edition launched "dream? The teacher said" series, show you different wonderful teachers occupation life. "In the past, we were called" aunt "by our parents, and later called ‘teacher’." Jilin province Changchun municipal government organs second kindergarten Zhang Xinyu said. In the decades of preschool education work, Zhang Xinyu witnessed the change bit. "The teacher said I was crying" in Zhang Xinyu’s view, at present, the social importance of preschool education, has brought more pressure and challenge. "One time, our teacher was crying." Zhang Xinyu explained that a child’s grandmother outside the classroom to observe their children not in the yard with my little friends, but set the table in the table. Then grandma on child abuse charges to find the teacher in charge of the theory. Wait for the child’s father rushed to the office, Zhang Xinyu took the class teacher to the child’s father explained. "What our teacher said is the same as grandma said." Zhang Xinyu to appease the end emotional old man, do the father’s work, "the children take turns to be on duty service, is a part of the child’s kindergarten training exercise." "You did the right thing, I support you." Zhang Xinyu said in front of his parents. The teacher listens, suddenly cried out into the office, from the moment the expression was stern manner, eyeful of tears away. "The principal, in your office before I think good, let you criticize, I never shed a tear." The teacher in charge of the teacher cried to Zhang Xinyu. The kindergarten is not a department store, not the same to the parents like the unconditional return, and let the teacher feel." Zhang Xinyu said, as much as possible to protect each teacher’s love for the job. Zhang Xinyu believes that, at present, a lot of families over the protection of children, and even the formation of abnormal love, some parents to take care of their children to meet the stringent requirements of kindergarten teachers. In the individual kindergarten, the teacher in the clothing to check the child, found the wrong button. A closer look, the original camera." Zhang Xinyu said that in recent years, too many negative events on the spread of social kindergarten, some parents always picky, not very friendly in the perspective of the teacher, the individual phenomenon, caused by excessive amplification, community does not trust the group of preschool teachers, preschool teachers’ professional happiness disappeared. How to make the teachers feel more happy, how can we retain excellent preschool teachers? We can not afford to give the teacher a better treatment, only to make them feel more happy in the park." As a difference between the allocation of funds, Zhang Xinyu to solve the problem of teacher dining, and as far as possible to retain excellent teachers. "She is a magic fairy, the waste materials into a lovely wizard." This is Zhang Xinyu’s Award for teacher Jing Wong. Every year, Zhang Xinyu’s kindergarten will be moved by a teacher in the year, the story of the parents moved up, the organization moved people相关的主题文章: