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The French news agency, Longuemar was appointed Vice President of Sohu investment bank CFO- in Beijing in September 19,   news; the Asian infrastructure investment bank 19 news release, Thierry from France and Germany?? long (Thierry de Longuemar) was appointed as vice president of Asian investment bank and chief financial officer (CFO), he will in September 29th the official inauguration. France is one of the first western countries to join the Asian investment bank. Public data shows, 2011, long served as vice president of the Asian Development Bank, was in charge of the financial and risk management. He has worked for more than 30 years in the multilateral and private sectors, including Vice President of finance at the African Development Bank in 2004-2010, as well as the global head of the central bank and the Holland national investment bank. CFO’s main responsibility is to provide strategic and technical support for the financial management of the agency to ensure financial sustainability. Asian investment bank governor Jin Liqun welcomed Ma long as this important position, and its rich experience will have to carry out related business days after the Asian investment bank. Asian investment bank is the first multilateral development agency initiated by China, designed to provide financial support for infrastructure and interoperability in asia. The agency was established in December 2015, officially opened in January 2016, the first president Jin Liqun from Chinese, vice president of the first from Britain, Germany, India, Indonesia and South korea.相关的主题文章: