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Sunset, take you to go to Busan to see the night? Obama made generous Raiders, take you to see the most beautiful night view of Busan! Save a few years photo shoot, although not good, but also live together, issued a Busan night finishing spots set to share ^ ^ 1. How to begin from the introduction of Dapu Busan most beautiful sunset beach, here called Oura beach, a few kilometers of coastline. Obama is the last to mid July, found that the wetland ecological beach visits road has been built, a total length of seven hundred meters of the boardwalk in the marsh crab, clams could be closely observed; wood height is said to nearly a hundred years of precipitation and the tide of information design, to ensure that no water seepage. Recommended to go in the afternoon, you can wait until sunset, the lights and the setting sun should be very romantic. Address:??????????? (much of the Busan metropolitan city area under the sand hole)   peripheral bus 96 stops, 96-1338, March 10002. Gansu Sichuan Culture Village Gansu Sichuan culture village is a trip to Busan will go to the place, Obama recommend a can shoot the best seats at sunset culture village. The fish go less than three minutes on the left side of the road, there is a shop called "friends", the three layer is the coffee shop art fan children, South Korean President Park Geun sister a visit to this drop, the best place is on the third floor overlooking the village culture. 3. The Busan Harbour Bridge in Busan harbor bridge at night, in fact, a lot of places you can see, the most beautiful place???????? 217-33 (shadow Island School, hole 217-33) here is a short walk along the beach road, will be able to shoot the first night’s point of view, is not very convenient traffic, to on the island… Then shadow island area, sit 66 bus to??? Get off a few steps to be able to. Caoliang area another place is the last in the article introduced to there, traffic is convenient, is across from the Busan station, a climbing monorail, or walk is also very good, less than half an hour, if you do not want to go directly from the Busan station, take the road 190 or 333 road the bus????? Get off near, can go to the viewing platform. 4. Huangling mountain, Jin Lianshan (holy night) plain hill and Jin Lianshan are two small hills together, basically in the center position of Busan area, more than and 400 meters above sea level, it is particularly suitable for the night view of Busan, Southeast and Northwest can see drop. The above three photos are photographed in Huangling mountain. There is a hill beside the Beacon Tower plain, also built at a new station, said.. It should have been one or two years. Specific address??????????? 391-39 (Busan city wide area Huangling road 391-39). Because it is a small hill, so the only way to drive up the hill near Beacon Tower, will probably go nearly five hundred meters Road to get to the destination, which is about 10 minutes, remember to use the mobile phone to play turn on the lights go out in the evening, Caution. If you travel by public transport, you will;相关的主题文章: