These four small SUV top with no more than 90 thousand, CVT stepless speed PK 4- Sohu car sql server 2000 个人版

The four small SUV top with no more than 90 thousand CVT, one of the big city common stepless PK 4- Sohu cars are more and more cars, blocking the road more and more car automatic naturally became the preferred configuration, following several models of economic benefits, SUV is the price of cabbage, give everybody in the Amway a. Up to refine S3 models: 1.5L CVT smart luxury exclusive edition guidance price: 88 thousand and 800 up to 3 Chery Tiggo models: CVT CVT (analog block 7) guidance price: 92 thousand and 900 = AX3, Dongfeng popular models: 1.5L automatic Zun cool type guide: 87 thousand and 700 = X35, Saab models: 1.5L automatic distinguished type guide price: 88 thousand and 800 summary: from the above four small SUV data we can see that the preceding two paragraphs (refine S3 and Chery Tiggo 3) are Equipped with CVT CVT, it is worth mentioning that the gearbox Chery Tiggo is self-developed, Xiaobian want to silently support a tiger, because Chinese automobile manufacturing industry independent research and development of the continuous development and growth. Then the two paragraph (Dongfeng popular AX3 and Saab X35) are equipped with the 4 speed automatic gearbox. So, from the same point of view of the same type of price models CVT infinitely variable models are much better, after all, the performance of the CVT stepless speed is better than 4 automatic blocking performance. Other aspects have to choose their own according to the consumer’s style preferences and brand awareness. Editorial: SUV is now in power, the SUV market speculation high, especially some joint venture brands, this is not a reasonable price for the vast number of consumers to buy a higher price SUV, more than a few brands of SUV is a conscience, reasonable price, configuration is also good, for people to travel to save money. Come on. The car made China.   相关的主题文章: